Black Lives Matter Activists Making $100k A Year Bossing Around ‘Allies’ Plagued by White Guilt

Dec 15, 2016 by

By Lukas Mikelionis –

Two Black Lives Matter activists are making an astonishing amount of cash sending instructions to guilt-ridden white “allies” who pay a monthly fee to be sent instruction on how to support their movement.

Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson have set up a $100,000-a-year business called Safety Pin Box – a reference to the virtue-signalling safety pin campaign – where people pay them for instructions.

The business – aimed at “white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation” – solicits payments of either $25 (an electronic subscription) or $100 (for a physical box in the mail) containing a number of tasks for the month to challenge white supremacy and help them “do tangible ally work and support black women in both power and deed”.

Mac and Johnson – best known for shutting down Bernie Sanders by storming his stage at a 2015 rally in Seattle – claim to have 300 customers already.

According to calculations by Heat Street, their annual income would easily exceed $110,000.

Assuming that 90% choose the $25 option, and 10% the $100 option, they will receive $9,750 per month in fees, or $117,000 per year.

Since each new subscriber requires barely any extra effort, their potential for profit will increase exponentially should more people sign up.

One sample task on their website instructs would-be allies to “Write down the means of power people in your networks have, including money and influence.”

It then asks whether that “power [is] being directed towards white folks? Black folks? Are there areas in your life where you exert direct power over Black people?”

“Spend a few days going over this list and adding to it as you go through your week. You’ll find you have a lot of power,” it added.

Johnson told the BBC that their target customer is anybody aware of their white privilege who “wants to learn, who believes in giving back to black people, is humble and willing to make mistakes”.

The business also offers “The Revenge Box” for one-time fee of $50. The website suggests sending “this box to a Trump supporter, bigot, or white supremacist of our choice.” The box will contain a note saying that a donation to Black Lives Matter groups has been made in their name.

Mac and Johnson – who describe their company as a business rather than a nonprofit – claim to distribute the funds to other black women involved in activism, though they kept the identities of the women private.

Source: Black Lives Matter Activists Making $100k A Year Bossing Around ‘Allies’ Plagued by White Guilt | Heat Street

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