Black mob beats man ‘for no reason’

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Victim hospitalized after being stalked, stomped on in street

Three black men in New Orleans stalk and stomp a man almost to death. They laugh. They linger. They beat him some more. They move on. Then return and kick him in the face.

It’s all captured on video.

“I’ve never had an incident like this. Usually there’s a reason, and usually it’s robbery,” Det. Michael Flores told the Times-Picayune newspaper last week. “Not in this case.”

The victim had a cell phone, $300 in cash and cigarettes in his pockets. “It doesn’t make no sense,” he told the newspaper from his hospital bed.

Cops and reporters may be perplexed by the violence, but readers of WND will recognize it. As did at least one person in New Orleans, who posted at on the newspaper’s message board:

“It’s called the “Knockout Game.” Go Google it because it’s happening all across the country, but the lame stream media is very silent on the subject.”

The Times-Picayune does not allow comments that would make this beating part of an epidemic of black mob violence all over the country documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”

To notice racial violence is to be a racist, so say the editors at newspapers across the country.

This pattern of black mob violence includes more than 100 examples of the Knockout Game.

Readers of WND are familiar with the rules: Start with a mob of black people. Find a white person. Or “gay” or Asian or woman or, in the rare case, even another black person. Punch them until your arms and legs get tired. Or they are knocked out. Or worse.

Just make sure they are defenseless. A single man in a “gay” neighborhood of New Orleans stumbling home from a bar at 5 a.m. meets that criteria perfectly.

Not everyone can play.

This New Orleans crowd was about to start the Knockout Game with someone else an hour before. But when that person acted as if they had a weapon, the Game was over before it began.

The mob found an easier target — a person who now awaits reconstructive surgery to repair the broken bones in his face.

Meanwhile, the baffled police look for suspects.

In other parts of the country, some might think it strange that a police officer doesn’t know about the Knockout Game.

In St. Louis, the game is so popular that even the mayor came across a mob and its victim. St. Louis by itself is said to be home to more than 100 cases of the Knockout Game.

One of the mob who was arrested in that assault was recently killed trying to break into a St. Louis-area home.

In New London, Connecticut, the six killers of Matthew Chew were sentenced to prison last week after confessing to beating and stabbing him to death. They did it because they were bored. Their friends bragged about it on their Facebook pages.

Classic Knockout Game.

Chicago, New York, Wilmington, North Carolina, and other cities have seen lethal versions of the Knockout Game.

In other places, the victims lived.

Earlier this year, four members of the National Championship University of Alabama football team were kicked off the squad after being arrested for playing the Knockout Game.

In Springfield, Missouri, Trevor Godfrey almost died after an encounter with the Knockout Game outside his campus apartment. When his mom investigated the crime, she found police unwilling to talk about it. And she also found other victims.

Students at the University of Illinois also experienced a similar rash of racial violence. Except there it went by a different name: Polar Bear Hunting. Same rules applied. After dozens of attacks, several black people were arrested and sent to prison.

Late last year, one them was back, hunting more Polar Bears.

In New Haven, Connecticut last year, DeAndre Felton and his fourteen buddies wanted to play the Knockout Game but they chose the wrong guy. Two of them died after he stabbed them.

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