Will Black Students Also Ask for Separate Bathrooms & Drinking Fountains?

Nov 22, 2015 by

By Aaron Goldstein –

Earlier today, I wrote my take on the idea of banishing Woodrow Wilson’s existence from Princeton University.

Students from the Black Justice League occupied the office of Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber until he folded. Aside from their demands regarding Wilson, there was also this demand. According to Planet Princeton:

Students also called on the school to provide a dedicated space on campus for black students that is clearly marked. The students want to be able to name the space themselves, and don’t want it named after “a white benefactor or person with bigoted beliefs, as evidenced by the naming of Stanhope Hall.

A dedicated safe space on campus for black students that is clearly marked?

Would I be correct to presume this clearly marked safe space for black students would be equipped with its own separate bathrooms and drinking fountains?

I ask this question in complete seriousness. Especially because The Black Justice League is also demanding Princeton hold classes on “the history of marginalized peoples.” How about classes about American history? How about classes on the Democrat run Jim Crow South which forced blacks to have separate bathrooms, drinking fountains and seating at restaurants?

Such classes might come in handy because the Black Justice League is basically asking to reinstate the very thing their grandparents and great grandparents risked their very lives to put to an end.

Source: Black Students at Princeton Demand Their Own Safe Space; Will They Also Ask for Separate Bathrooms & Drinking Fountains? | The American Spectator

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