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“Who Is To Blame for Charlottesville?”

By Donna Garner



Who was involved in the deplorable and violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia this last weekend?  Our nation witnessed Black Lives Matter, White Supremacists, Anti-Trumpsters, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK yelling, screaming, fighting, cussing, destroying property, venting their rage, killing protesters, maiming bystanders, and injuring first responders.


What do these groups all have in common?  They are all products of our culture, one in which the majority of our nation’s K-16 students have been indoctrinated by the Obama administration’s anti-American Common Core and the leftwing professors who populate our colleges and universities. Aided by the Democrats and the leftist media, our nation is now “reaping the whirlwind.”  


These efforts to destroy American Exceptionalism and to create a false narrative of Black Bondage/White Privilege along with the LGBTQ’s anti-marriage/anti-family agenda have infected our nation with a dangerous “disease.”  


We saw this “disease” culminate in Charlottesville when the alleged driver, James Alex Fields Jr. (20 years of age), plowed into the crowd and caused death and destruction.


At 20 years of age, James Fields (who grew up in Northern Kentucky) had experienced many years of Common Core curriculum.  Kentucky was the first state in the country to adopt the Common Core State Standards (2010).  Sitting there seven hours a day in a Common Core-saturated environment undoubtedly helped to send James Fields down the path to anti-Americanism.  


To conquer this “disease,” our nation’s schools must go back to the teaching of fact-based (instead of emotion-based), academic, patriotic curriculum with a heavy emphasis on our historical, primary documents (e.g., The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, etc.) and on the heroes/heroines who have made America great.  Students need to base their logical and analytical thought upon credible facts from the context surrounding the various historical/literary events. It is ludicrous and nonsensical to hold past historical and literary figures to the leftist standards that are being so widely espoused in the U. S. today.





1.11.17 – “Biased Classroom Politics…”  By Lance Izumi – The Daily Caller



Excerpts from this article:


In Mountain View, California, a history teacher was suspended after he lectured students on the parallels between the rise of Trump and Hitler. Both Trump and Hitler, said the teacher, wanted to “make their countries great again.” Supporting national renewal evidently put Trump on the slippery slope to genocide.


In North Carolina, an English teacher made students compare speeches by Trump and Hitler. During a lesson, the teacher was recorded saying, in reference to Trump, “Basically, the only people who seem to be safe from this guy are white Christian males.”


In San Francisco, the teachers union issued an anti-Trump lesson plan that could be used by its 6,000 members. In a letter to school district staff by the plan’s author, social studies teacher Fakhra Shah, Trump is labeled a “racist and sexist man” who has “become president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”


The lesson plan itself is clearly unbalanced. For example, while students are asked to create a poster that would address Trump supporters and a poster that would address Clinton supporters, students are only asked to discuss the Trump poster through the lens of, “How we will not engage in dehumanizing those who dehumanize us.”


The resources recommended by the lesson plan include articles, reports and videos by hardcore leftist publications, organizations and individuals such as Mother Jones magazine, the Southern Poverty Law Center and producer/director Michael Moore.


California’s new history and social studies curriculum framework is weighted overwhelmingly toward a liberal viewpoint on subject matter to be studied.


For example, pages and pages in the framework are devoted to identity politics, and the environmentalist, sexual, and anti-Vietnam War movements, with detailed and extensive bibliographical references. In contrast, the contemporaneous conservative movement, which succeeded in electing Californian Ronald Reagan as president, with its complex mixture of social, economic and national security sub-movements, is given cursory and passing mention, with no references provided.


Worse, the state curriculum framework ensures that this bias will be systemic throughout California public schools. Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Washington-based Ethics and Public Policy Center, warns that California’s framework will likely spread across the country “as publishers forced to meet the demands of the most populous state offer their revised textbooks nationally.”


The bottom line is that politicizing the classroom negatively affects students. As The Economist points out, “Students who dissent from the teacher’s view may feel alienated from the discussion and uncomfortable expressing their ideas openly.”


Further, “Younger, more impressionable children with [undeveloped] understanding of politics may be confused if they hear their parents supporting candidate X while their teacher insists on candidate Y.”


The magazine concludes, “Either way, it seems a mistake to make political advocacy a main thrust of the school day.” However, if some schools insist on politicizing instruction, then children should be able to escape such indoctrination through school choice tools such as intra and inter-district transfer programs, charter schools, and private-school choice programs such as education savings accounts.




7.13.16 – “Eighth Graders’ White Privilege Poem Takes First Place”by Dr. Susan Berry — Breitbart — http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/13/eighth-graders-white-privilege-poem-takes-first-place/





8.3.16 –  This video illustrates how the Common Core agenda is being used to manipulate the way students think.  Alice Linahan testified before the Texas Senate Education Committee.  She told what happened to her daughter in an Advanced Placement English III class with its intrusive “philosophy” survey:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FazA3Jl_RsI



8.27.15 — “Sorry, College Board’s AP U. S. History Still Leftist”– by Donna Garner – EdViews.orghttp://www.educationviews.org/sorry-college-boards-ap-u-s-history-leftist/



6.24.14 — “David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America” — by Donna Garner – EdViews.org





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9.13.13 — “UPDATE:  Common Core Porn Novel” — by Donna Garner – EducationViews.org





12.17.13 – “Common Core Sexualizes American School Children” – by Mary Jo Anderson – Crisis Magazine





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4.16.14 – “Common Core Is a Curriculum” – by Donna Garner – EducationViews.orghttp://www.educationviews.org/common-core-curriculum/

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