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By Don Calabrese

Excerpts from this article:

The shutdown is not the problem. The Democrats’ gratuitous government takeover of health care is the problem…

Here’s the poll the media should be taking: Who do you blame for passing ObamaCare?

In 2010, with the nation screaming for them to stop, the Democrats went ahead and passed the abomination that is ObamaCare, because their temporary huge majorities in the House and Senate gave them a “historic opportunity” to achieve a government takeover of health care. That has been the pre-eminent Democrat dream in this country for generations. It didn’t matter that the legislation was a mess, nor that they had to abuse reconciliation, nor that they had to bribe people, nor that they had to lie to people about abortion, nor that they had to cook the numbers to create the illusion that it would reduce the deficit.

All that mattered was that they get it passed, because once government controlled health care, there would be no turning back.

Now, with the law as unpopular as ever, with government unable to function, with most job-creation of the part-time variety, with people losing the coverage they liked, with the exchanges not ready to roll . . . this entire national dysfunction can be traced back to ObamaCare. It is the root of every one of these problems. It is the most troublesome piece of legislation ever passed.

Who do you blame for the shutdown? The shutdown is a minor inconvenience for some, and quite a joy for others [government employees know that most will get paid for their “shutdown vacations”].

Who do you blame for ObamaCare? ObamaCare is a source of nothing but trouble for this nation. Not a single one of these problems would be happening if Democrats had not decided that nothing was more important than their “historic” opportunity to take over health care.

Take that poll. And punish the guilty party appropriately.


From Donna Garner:  The Democrat-controlled Senate wants to keep the government shutdown in place for as long as possible because they believe this will hurt the Republicans at the polls in 2014.  The House Republicans can keep sending over compromises, but Harry Reid is not interested.  He is only thinking about politics and does not care a whit about people’s lives.  How stupid does Harry Reid think we are?

Who created and forced through Obamacare in the first place?  The Democrats

Who is causing the government shutdown because of refusing to defund or delay Obamacare?  The Democrats

Who will get the blame at the 2014 polls for doing everything possible to destroy America’s healthcare system, turn us into a part-time 29-hour work week, cost jobs, force us to pay for abortions, and devastate our economy?  The Democrats


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9.28.13 — “Voters To Hold Senators Accountable for Cloture Vote” — by Donna Garner —


Donna Garner

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