Blood Bucket Challenge: New Anti-Semitic Movement at Ohio University

Sep 5, 2014 by

Throughout the past month our social media accounts have been flooded with many “ice bucket” challenge videos designed to raise awareness for ALS.

Yesterday, Ohio University student senate president, Megan Marzec, took it upon herself to switch up the challenge. She was challenged to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge by Ohio University President Roderick McDavis. Instead, she issued her own challenge—a “blood bucket” challenge calling upon Ohio University to divest from Israel. Her actions are deplorable and anti-Semitic.

She posted a video of herself wearing a bright pink shirt with the words “divest from Israel” and poured a dark red substance—meant to symbolize blood—over her head. She claims that her video was meant to raise awareness of Palestinians being killed by Israel.

Her actions have created quite a stir on campus, and the student senate even tweeted out an apology stating that they “humbly apologize for the video that President Megan Marzec posted.&rdquo

We have seen many cases this year of campuses launching “divest from Israel” initiatives, and we have worked with many pro-Israel students to help combat this anti-Semitism.

At Young America’s Foundation we call upon the administration at Ohio University to denounce the anti-Semitic actions of their student senate president and issue a public apology.

Ashley Pratte is the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation.

via Blood Bucket Challenge: New Anti-Semitic Movement at Ohio University.

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