Bloomberg has totally lost it!

Mar 9, 2013 by

“You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system, walk in the door, and we’ve got to give you shelter,” Bloomberg said, speaking on the radio.

“That’s what the law is. I didn’t write the law,” Bloomberg added.

The New York Post claims he was referring to a law related to homeless shelters signed by Ed Koch. “He was referring to a decree signed by Mayor Ed Koch 30 years ago that gives free shelter to anyone who says they need it,” reports the Post.

“Bloomberg’s comments came the week that an advocacy group for the homeless released a report saying the city’s homeless population surged in the past year.”

Bloomberg is the 13th richest man in the world, notes. “Forbes has its latest figures for the world’s richest people, and our very own Mayor Bloomberg is number 13, with an estimated net worth of $27 billion.”

Bloomberg Worried About Private Jet Owners Using New York City Homeless Shelters | The Weekly Standard.

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