Bluetooth Trackers: What Are They and Why They Matter

Mar 19, 2019 by

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Life is hectic and sometimes, despite all efforts to the contrary, you lose or misplace things. How many times have you heard about someone losing their luggage, for instance? Have you ever lost it? What about your keys, or your phone? What about your TV remote?

That is essentially what Bluetooth item trackers are designed to stop. You attach them to a particular item, like a keyring, and then you can track the device remotely using your smartphone. Not just one way, but through a bevy of features.

To understand what those features are, let’s take a quick look at what else Bluetooth trackers can offer.

What Do Bluetooth Trackers Do?

A Bluetooth tracker, item tracker or key finder — yes they go by many names — is generally a small, thin device that allows you to track their whereabouts. Some include GPS functionality, while others include Bluetooth connectivity exclusively.

The Bluetooth trackers sync up with a mobile device or phone and offer proximity alerts. So, let’s say you’re at a local restaurant having a bite to eat few. You set down your keys on the table. When the night is over and you’re ready to head home you leave but forget the keys. After you reach a certain distance your phone will set off an alarm letting you know you left your keys, and the tracker behind.

More advanced trackers can be attached to luggage to allow for longer distance monitoring, as well.

There are many types of trackers, some basic and others more advanced. You can see a lot those trackers at Ideaing.

How Do You Use Them?

There are two aspects or steps, if you will, for each type of Bluetooth tracker. The first is installing the device, which involves attaching it to whatever you want to monitor or track. The second is pairing the tracker with your mobile device and interacting through a mobile app.

Now, even though there are two steps listed they are incredibly easy to setup and use. Just install, sync up and go. Furthermore, you can track anything and everything from kids to TV remotes to pets or luggage.

To choose which is best for you consider the distance you need to track. For example, if local tracking via Bluetooth works then there you go. But if you need to track items over greater distances, you should go with something that has GPS built-in. Samsung SmartThings tracker includes both GPS and LTE mobile connectivity, so you can track its location from literally anywhere.

Even better, there are varying price points for Bluetooth trackers from more expensive to cheap. In addition, you can buy them in multiple sets, like Tile Mate includes multiple tracking devices in a single bundle.

So, if you want to make sure you don’t lose your most beloved items again it’s time to attach them to a Bluetooth tracker.

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