Bob McManus: Latest Secretion

Apr 26, 2021 by

There’s a place in the Guinness Book of Records awaiting Bob McManus, of the New York Post.  His streak is among the longest recorded for acts of infamy in a crowded field.  One day he’ll be cast in iron and take up a rock in the Monument Park of Teacher Union-Busters. 

Over many years of columns about New York City, his obsessive bugaboo has been the United Federation of Teachers.  A few days ago he out-did himself, which is quite an achievement, since he out-does himself every time he draws a preoccupied breath

His latest excuse for outrage is the UFT’s endorsement of Scott Stringer for mayor.  That support was earned by the candidate on the basis of a long history of public service, which the union has cited with specific, verifiable references.  If the chosen candidate were anyone else, McManus’s displeasure would have been the same, because he believes in guilt by association and anyone affiliated with the UFT is, to his mind, deplorable.

McManus’s conviction is that the UFT was conceived in original sin.  Only the devil of an elected official could work in partnership with public school educators, he feels..  He bends his knee only to their antagonists.  He has faith in those who revile public schools generally and nothing can test that faith, even a generation redeemed by quality education.

Here’s a few poisoned nuggets of sputum from his latest agitprop:

1) “Teachers unions view public schools principally as meal tickets and pension pumps”.

2) “When it comes to self-serving cynicism, it’s hard to rival the UFT”.

3) The UFT is guilty of “thumbing its nose” and it “torpedoed” re-openings.

4) The UFT is culpable for “shameful…performance…and its obdurate opposition to…innovation”.

5) “The  United Federation of Teachers has radiated contempt for New York City’s school kids throughout…”

6) A trust-driven endorsement from the UFT is a “poisoned apple”, according to metaphor-challenged Bob McManus.

These are just the latest of McManus’s barbs. They’re probably not the latest, since he seems to play one-upmanship against himself and outdo himself daily. 

Bob McManus is a former editorial page editor of the New York Post whose story about Eric Garner was headlined “Blame only the man who…decided to resist” and concluded with “He was a victim of himself. It’s just that simple.” 

As a pundit, he’s productive.  A productive cough. And readers and vetters are left to clean up the mess of pontificated vomit.

Ron Isaac

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