Bobby Jindal hints at scrapping Common Core test unilaterally

May 5, 2014 by

For the second time in a month, Gov. Bobby Jindal has indicated that he might unilaterally try to block Louisiana’s use of a standardized test associated with the controversial Common Core academic standards, if the Legislature refuses to do so on its own.

Seventeen lawmakers sent Jindal a letter Friday asking him to override the state school board and veto regulations to help implement a Common Core assessment, known as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers or PARCC. A little over two weeks ago, eight of those legislators had sent another letter, asking the governor to pull Louisiana out of the consortium of states that helped develop the PARCC test.

Both efforts are aimed at blocking the use of the PARCC in Louisiana by any means necessary. And in both cases, Jindal indicated he might take matters into his own hands and try to scrap the test, if state lawmakers refuse to abandon it themselves.

“If the Legislature does not act we could consider this and other options,” Jindal said Friday in a response to the most recent letter. “However, since we are in the midst of session, we are hopeful that the Legislature will take action to alleviate the concerns of parents with the PARCC test.”

The state signed on to Common Core in 2010 and is set to start giving the PARCC to third-through-eighth graders in 2015. Louisiana has not signed up to use the test yet, but the state is a member of the group that developed the assessment.

The governor, who once backed Common Core and the PARCC, has become a vocal critic of the test over the last few weeks. Jindal and other Common Core critics believe the PARCC was crafted with too much involvement from the federal government. They argue that the test doesn’t necessarily reflect Louisiana’s values system because states in other parts of the country contributed to developing its questions.

Still, in spite of the governor’s public urgings, lawmakers have refused to quash the PARCC so far.

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