Bomb Squad Called After Student Sets Down Metal Lunch Box

Sep 24, 2014 by

A bomb squad was called to the Berks County High School in Hamburg, Pennsylvania this week after a student set down his metal lunch box.

According to reports, faculty members were alerted to the “suspicious item,” which was briefly set down outside by the owner, at approximately 8:30 a.m. Monday morning.

Hamburg School Superintendent Steven Keifer confirmed that the entire student body was immediately ordered into the gymnasium as school administrators called police.

After arriving on scene, police deemed the situation to be too dangerous and resorted to calling the local bomb squad.

As the bomb squad made its way to the scene, school officials confirmed the item to be a mere lunch box. Students made their way back to their classrooms as the bomb squad and police were called off.

While student safety should be a major concern for school officials, many locals felt the situation represented the current state of an overly-paranoid citizenry.

“Wow, maybe we should ban lunch boxes,” one man commented.

“So, the police looked at this and called the bomb squad, meanwhile, school officials figured out it was a lunch box? Is this right?” another asked.

Similar situations have become increasingly common despite the extreme rarity of such an event being legitimate.

A Florida middle school went into lock down last February after one administrator noticed “suspicious items” in the front of the school. After several city blocks were cordoned off, bomb squad personnel discovered the items to be pillows.

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