The ‘bona fide’ crisis in US universities that’s coming to the UK

Apr 26, 2016 by

With American staff living in poverty and students in ‘outlandish’ debt, ‘Dr Karen’ is touring UK campuses with a simple message: it could happen to you

Karen Kelsky – “Dr Karen” as she calls herself – is worried that UK academics may be shocked at her message on her tour of universities this month. “I think they are probably going to freak out,” she says. “I go to American campuses where people know me … and people are always shocked at how blunt I am. So I’m actually kind of worried about what will happen in the UK.”

Kelsky, a former professor and now job consultant for academics, is known in US academic circles for her criticisms of how higher education has changed, including the financial burden on postgraduates, and writes for the Chronicle of Higher Education on the travails of finding a secure job. The market for good academic jobs has deteriorated enormously, she believes, and her message to anyone hoping to forge an academic career, be it in the US or the UK, is: be under no illusions.

Kelsky has built a reputation as a critic of privatisation and “corporatisation” of higher education. While a better landscape for jobs, and better-paid ones, would undoubtedly be good for her business, she insists her outspokenness is also conscience-driven because marketising education has potentially profound social consequences.

Source: The ‘bona fide’ crisis in US universities that’s coming to the UK | Education | The Guardian

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