Book Review : Last Night I had a Laughmare

Apr 6, 2013 by

Author : J.E. Laufer

Illustrated by: Jeff Yesh

Publisher : Little Egg Publishing Co, Phoenix, Az

Reviewed by : Michael F. Shaughnessy


Kids seem to like poetry, and if you want to get them to sleep, just read them some lines from this treasure deep.

The book is well written, the colors they flow, the words are like candy, but seemingly glow.

The story is fun, you’ll never forget, the images and ideas the authors have left.

So if you want to get your kids to sleep, just read them this book, and you’ll naught hear a peep.

J.E. Laufer the author is pretty and neat, and the illustrator, Jeff Yesh, probably is also very sweet.

Read the book and you will understand how candy and apples can be kind of grand.

And numbers and letters in this book are so grand, the book is terrific to hold in your hand.

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