Book Review: The Old Green Chair

Mar 26, 2013 by

The Old Green ChairAuthor: Traudi Allen

Illustrated by: Rob Cowan

Published by: Balboa Press

Reviewed by: Michael F. Shaughnessy

In this book, “ The Old Green Chair “ reminisces about it’s life, the people that have befriended it, and the simple pleasures of life- the sun shining, a beautiful sky , and most of all friends, and people that it has cared for in the past. The “ Old Green Chair “ has a lot of memories, but one day, something happens that changes it’s life. And just when you think things couldn’t get any worse- well, they get better. And that may be the moral of the story- that good things do come out eventually, and that the sun will rise again.

In this nicely illustrated book the author takes us on a small trip through her neighborhood and we meet a few nice people, and a few other individuals who may have learned some life lessons, and some individuals who will learn about gratitude and appreciation.

This soft cover book is beautifully colored and different people will glean different messages from it- and that is okay also. There apparently is a series of books by this author, and those sincerely interested in this genre will look up the author and find the other books in the series.

I liked this book, and enjoyed reading it and I think you will too !


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