Book Review: Tuki and Moka: A Tale of Two Tamarins

Oct 9, 2013 by

Author : Judy Young

Illustrated by : Jim Madsen

Published by : Sleeping Bear Press

Reviewed by : Michael F. Shaughnessy


This is a story of Eduardo who helps his father deep in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Eduardo and his father gather nuts and at the same time, Eduardo forms a relationship with two tamarins named Tuki and Moka . The book describes the daily work of Eduardo and his father, and the beauty of the rain forest and what Eduardo and his father encounter there. Unfortunately, there are animal traffickers deep in the forest and Eduardo learns about the harm the traffickers do to the environment and the jungle. One day, there is an incident in the forest and Eduardo and his father have to return home, leaving Tuki and Moka behind. This is a sad day for Eduardo but upon return to the local town, Eduardo learns the truth.  Fortunately, Eduardo is a resourceful young man and helps Tuki and Moka escape from the animal traffickers and back to their home in the jungle. The book is a wonderfully illustrated and superlatively written book about nature, friendship and the environment. The story of Eduardo and Tuki and Moka will enchant young and old alike.

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