Book Review: Where Did Papa Go?

Apr 6, 2013 by

616s9x-v7lL._SL500_SX300_By : Judy Egett Laufer

Published by Little Egg, Phoenix, Arizona

Reviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy


This brief book, which won a “Golden Poet Award” is a nicely written, very well illustrated book that deals with a topic most of us would prefer not to discuss- which is death. The author allows the heroine of the story to reflect on her past memories of her father, the good times, the positive times, and all of the pleasant experiences she has shared with “papa”. As she reflects, she learns much about death, living, and the importance of spending time with loved ones.  The book is written in a slightly poetic fashion, and the words and language are appropriate for first and second graders. The illustrations by Ken S. Wingfield are extremely well done, and capture the essence of the emotional state of the girl who is reflecting back on her experiences with her father.  I enjoyed reading the book, and even more, I enjoyed the message that the author was trying to send. While the book was copyrighted in 1990, the message and lesson is timeless.


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