Boris Johnson to help schools deal with bad behaviour

Aug 18, 2019 by

Boris Johnson vows to give schools 'powers they need to deal with bad behaviour'

Prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged today to give schools the “powers they need to deal with bad behaviour and bullying”.

In a statement released on A-level results days, Johnson also said the government will “do all we can” to improve funding.

Schools are still waiting to hear about the full details of Johnson’s pledge to up school funding by £4.6 billion per year by 2022.

But the comments on targeting behaviour offer an early glimpse into Johnson’s priority for schools heading in to a potential general election later this year.

There were no further details provided about Johnson’s pledge. But improving behaviour in schools seems to be a vote winner.

A study released by pollsters YouGov yesterday found a desire for school discipline to be “stricter” was a popular opinion amongst both right- and left-wing voters.

Source: Boris Johnson to help schools deal with bad behaviour

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