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By Lee Duigon –

Students at Hillsboro High School in Missouri walked out last week to protest the school board’s decision to let a 17-year-old boy use the girls’ locker room with the girls still in it.

Three of the board members resigned in protest.

As a gutless compromise, the school board provided this person with his very own “gender-neutral” locker room. Nothing doing. I am a girl, declares the boy, and I demand the right to undress in the girls’ locker room with the other girls! (For M.A.S.H. fans, why didn’t Corporal Klinger think of that?) And of course the school board capitulated.

I wonder how far “I am a Christian, and I demand my own space where I can pray for the conversion of my teachers” would have gone. Think they would’ve given in to that demand?

But wait—it may be time for the whole country to surrender to “millennials.” That means someone born after 1981. Heaven help us: Washington Times columnist Robert Knight reports that Millenials are the largest voting bloc by age, and they are currently cuckoo for socialist Bernie Sanders.

Millenials are high on four main issues. 1. They are opposed to the Washington, D.C. establishment and, as Knight observes, wish to grow it many times bigger. 2. They want “climate change mitigation policies.” They wish the government to provide them with nice weather. 3. They desire “student debt reform.” That is, society forgives their aggregate $1 trillion in student loan debt and the rest of us suck it up. 4. Although everything else they want is designed to gut the national economy and drastically depress the creation of wealth, Millenials want the government to do some big-time “job creation.” Issues 3 and 4 may be summed up simply: they want a lot of free stuff.

Oh, and we should listen to them! Because, you see, they’re so very highly educated. Why, they’re all in college! As comedian Sarah Silverman so sagely put it:

You have to listen to the college-aged, because they lead the revolution. They’re pretty much always on the right side of history.”

Where is the dyke to hold back this overflowing tide of idiocy?

There has always been, in the theory and practice of education, a conviction—we might call it a heathen delusion—that human beings are inherently good, all our problems are due to our imperfect institutions and our wrong-headed religious beliefs, and that the child, of all humanity, comes closest to our original purity. Therefor the young are to be a source of wisdom. This is the cow-flop served up by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 18th century, and educators and other libs have been dosing themselves with it ever since.

People who really believe this stuff, parents and teachers especially, shrink from correcting children. They put up with tantrums from toddlers, lying and laziness from kids, and overtly antisocial acting-out from teenagers.

That’s how we wind up with a boy in the girls’ locker room. The whole town has kow-towed to this individual. He has expressed a need—one might say an imperious desire—for special treatment that fits in with the educators’ prevailing ideology: “There is no such thing as truth! There is only what we say!” No God, certainly. Imagine there’s no Heaven. So if a boy says he’s a girl, we all have to join hands and dance around him, celebrating his girl-ness. It would make us “haters,” if we didn’t; and we all hate haters.

In the dark ages of the 1960s it was “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” That never went away. The college student puppets who repeated the mantra are still with us. Their pony-tails grew grey, and they graduated from puppets to puppet-masters. They are the ones who are “educating” our Millenials today. The ghosts of Marx and Rousseau and John Dewey pull their strings, and they in turn pull their students’ strings. And pure pap gets passed on from generation to generation.

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