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Larry Krieger

“FREE Advanced Placement 2020 Exam Book – COVID Changes”

By Donna Garner


BREAKING — Amazon was supposed to publish Larry Krieger’s  (COVID) 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) U. S. History book on 4.21.20.  Because of publishing problems caused at Amazon, they were unable to meet the deadline. 

Because Larry Krieger is such a dedicated and selfless teacher and understands the importance of AP students doing well on this year’s tests, he announced on his interview this morning on national TV that he would offer his book FREE OF CHARGE. 

Teachers, parents, and/or students may download Krieger’s book FREE (no strings attached) at  I just went through the process, and it took about four minutes to complete. Now I have this marvelous “gift” from Larry Krieger on my computer.   

Larry Krieger spent countless hours writing this book to help AP students.  All students who must write Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) on this year’s 2020 AP exams will benefit from reading Larry’s book.  He is an example during COVID of a true hero.

*To see Updated Advanced Placement 2020 Exam Dates:


“AP Students Caught by COVID – Help Is on the Way”

By Donna Garner with Larry Krieger  


Each year about 3 million high school students take Advanced Placement (AP) exams in about 30 subjects. Normally the 3-hour exams are taken in schools under closely proctored conditions, but this year will be very different.

Beginning on May 11, 2020, students will take their AP exams on home computers, iPads, and even cell phones. And this is not all.  There will be no multiple-choice questions.  The 45-minute exams will be limited to just free-response essays.

Larry Krieger is a successful Advanced Placement U. S. History (APUSH) teacher and author. When the COVID crisis hit and new plans had to be made by The College Board that produces the Advanced Placement exams, Larry immediately realized that the 2020 AP US History exam would be a formidable challenge.

This year, the 45-minute test will consist of just one Document-Based Question (DBQ). Most students and teachers agree that the DBQ is usually the most difficult part of the AP US History (APUSH) exam.  However, now it will be the ONLY part of the exam.

For many reasons, the DBQ is the most challenging APUSH question. This year’s DBQ will consist of a prompt such as, “Evaluate the extent of change in ideas about American independence from 1763 to 1776.” The prompt will be followed by 5 primary source documents ranging from the views of Patriots like Sam Adams to lesser known but vocal Loyalists such as Mather Byles. Students will have 10 – 15 minutes to read the documents and about 30 minutes to write their essays.

The essays are scored based upon a very challenging 10-point rubric that includes points for historic context, thesis, analysis of documents, evidence beyond the documents, and a complex understanding of the historic development that is the focus of the DBQ prompt. No wonder this is normally the hardest component of an APUSH exam.

Like other APUSH teachers, Larry was initially worried. Although shelves are filled with APUSH prep books, none of them are focused on this year’s APUSH exam. Larry’s students encouraged him to write material for the new APUSH exam saying, “You can do it!” After some initial reservations, Larry agreed and decided to help.

Larry began organizing and writing on April 4, 2020, the day after the College Board announced the changes to the new exams.  He spent the next two weeks writing a 10 chapter, 100-page book.  Larry sent each finished chapter to Station16, a brand and marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia.  Brenton Smith, Station16’s creative director, then transformed Larry’s manuscript files into finished chapters.  That way when Larry completed the final chapter on April 17, Brenton was able to send a finished book to Amazon.

Larry’s book begins with three introductory chapters that describe the new APUSH DBQ exam and its 10-point scoring rubric.  The chapters include model essays that would receive a passing score of 3 and the highest score of 5.  The next two chapters provide 6 more DBQs along with 12 more model essays.

Believe it or not, the 2020 APUSH exam will be an open-book test.  That seems great, but students (and their APUSH teachers) must remember this:  Students will only have 45 minutes to read the documents and write their essays.

Keeping the new requirements in mind, Larry wrote 5 special review chapters that cover key developments emphasized by the College Board’s Course and Exam Description book.

Larry’s new APUSH exam book illustrates what can be done when a dedicated team works together.  Amazon is going to sell the book on its website and promises to have the book available on TUESDAY, APRIL 21.  The title is “INSIDER’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE 2020 APUSH EXAM.”  The price for the book is $9.95. The e-book price is $7.95. Larry Krieger is the author.

It is also important to note that Larry contacted Erica Meltzer, a top expert on the AP Language and Composition and AP Literature exams. Erica has spent the last two weeks writing books for these two exams. Erica’s books will be available very shortly. You can learn more about them by visiting her website –

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