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BREAKING AT 10:33 A. M. – Sen. Daines is now saying that he will return from his daughter’s wedding to vote. Let’s hope and pray this is so.

Also, Sen. Collins is to make her public comments at 3:00 P. M. (EST) today. 

9:59 A. M. – 10.5.18 — BREAKING: The U. S. Senate just voted 51 to 49 to send Brett Kavanaugh’s name forward for a final vote tomorrow, Sat.  Just because Senators vote for cloture (end debate) does not mean they necessarily have to vote for Kavanaugh tomorrow. Sen. Susan Collins has announced that she will make a formal announcement Sat. afternoon at 3:00 (ET). The final vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be around 5:00 (ET) on Sat.  U. S. Sen. Daines (R) has a daughter who is getting married tomorrow, and he said he will not be able to vote. Proxy voting is not allowed in the Senate; a Senator has to be there to cast a vote. Vice President Pence can vote to break a tie.


10.5.18 — “BREAKING: FBI Investigation Reveals Evidence of a Vastly More Coordinated Effort” – By Erick Erickson

QUOTES FROM THIS ARTICLE:  Ford’s “beach friend” worked for a loyal Chuck Schumer ally…Now, because of the FBI investigation, we know that Monica McLean texted Ford friend Leland Keyser. Keyser claims no memory of the event and also said she never knew Brett Kavanaugh. McLean’s texts pressure Keyser into “clarify[ing]” away her story.


10.5.18, 9:38 A. M.  – FROM DONNA GARNER:

Monica McLean, the “beach friend,” is the one Christine Ford is reported as having helped to “beat” the polygraph test when Monica was trying to get a job with the FBI or U. S. Attorney General’s office. When the FBI started following leads, they started investigating the “beach friend” and learned about her ties to Chuck Schumer and the text to try to intimidate Leland Keyser (who is very ill physically but has no problems with mental recall). This information about the Democrat coordinated effort then became a part of the FBI report that every U. S. Senator has now had the opportunity to read. Christine Ford flew to Maryland and took the polygraph test on Aug. 7. Christine knew exactly how to “beat” the polygraph test, and she obviously was in cahoots with Monica, Schumer, Feinstein, and all of the rest of the Dems who are determined to destroy Kavanaugh.  Rachel Mitchell’s detailed report was also a part of the FBI report. Christine Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh are a farce.

Donna Garner

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