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BREAKING – 9.30.13, 2:32 P. M.  –  Statement from Sen. Ted Cruz after Harry Reid blocked the House’s CR which would have averted the shutdown of the federal government:


“Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had the opportunity this afternoon to avert a government shutdown. Instead, he chose to kill the House’s bill to keep government open, a deliberate act to move towards a government shutdown. This is no surprise. After the House acted Saturday night, Sen. Reid refused to call the Senate back to service, instead leaving senators at home on vacation while a shutdown loomed. And he has apparently advised the President not to meet with House and Senate leaders of both parties. Harry Reid wants a shutdown, because, sadly, Democrats are putting politics above the needs of the American people…”  —




“Talking the Realities of Obamacare”

by Donna Garner



If a teenager charges thousands of dollars on his parents’ credit card without his parents’ permission, should the parents be blamed for taking his credit card away?


If Obama and the Democrats are wildly running up our national debt (almost $17 Trillion right now) which is putting the United States on the edge of financial collapse, should the House be blamed for trying to defund Obamacare?  The ultimate blame should fall on Obama and the Democrats – not on those who are trying to demonstrate fiscal restraint.


It is the Democrats who have refused to pass a budget for four years.  A Continuing Resolution (CR) is only supposed to be used when there is an impasse on an individual budget item.  Instead, the CR has become the new norm because it is the only way the House Republicans have any leverage over the Senate Democrats who are presently in the majority.


The reason the House Republicans passed a CR to defund Obamacare is to try to hold back the individual mandate.  Why is it fair for Obama to decide the employer mandate is to be delayed for a year while the individual mandate for the rest of us Americans goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2014?




Obama does not want people to buy their insurance from a private company because he wants to drive everyone into a single-payer healthcare system where the government decides who lives or dies.  This gives Big Government ultimate power!


Obama wants insurance companies to have to raise their rates because this will cause people to leave their private companies and go into the healthcare exchanges.  In the interim, people who pay for their own healthcare premiums will see those costs skyrocket.  This will eventually drive the insurance companies out of business which is the ultimate plan by Obama.




If Obamacare is not defunded, then because of the individual mandate starting on Jan. 1, 2014, everyone will be required to have health insurance or pay a fine (everyone except for the illegals who will continue to use emergency rooms as their doctors).


Under the Commerce Clause, it is unconstitutional for the federal government to force Americans to buy anything; but Chief Justice John Roberts decided Obamacare is a tax, thus skirting the Commerce Clause.


Some people believe that Chief Justice Roberts caved because of bullying from Obama which led up to the Supremes’ decision on Obamacare.  The Wall Street Journal reported that originally the Supremes’ decision was thought to be a 5-4 decision in the majority to strike down at least part of Obamacare.  It appears that Chief Justice Roberts changed his mind at the last minute. (6.29.13 — ).




It is obvious that the Democrats and major media collude together.  Whatever is sent out by the White House in the talking points ends up on the front pages of our newspapers. In the last two days, they have even been making the case that there is nothing to prove that Obamacare is raising healthcare costs, costing jobs, and driving the nation to the 29-hour work week.

What a joke!  We have not forgotten that it is the Democrats under Obama who have raised our national debt to almost $17 Trillion, putting our country on the edge of financial collapse as we continue to borrow from other countries and to print money with nothing to back it up.


Add to that the downward spiral effects of Obamacare. Those of us who live outside the Beltway know the realities of where America is headed:


Excerpts from 9.22.13 – “The Fight To Defund Is a Fight for Liberty” by Jan LaRue — :


ObamaCare…will make our health care decisions while massively increasing our costs and taxes.  Our chances of keeping the doctors and health care plans of choice decrease daily as doctors discontinue practicing medicine.  Other health care providers, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, are laying off employees and cutting budgets.  Major health insurers are increasingly refusing to participate in Obama Care exchanges.  The economy is on the Fed’s life-support, as Americans are anesthetized by “quantitative easing.”  Full-time jobs are becoming part-time or nonexistent to avoid ObamaCare penalties.  Major employers such as Home Depot and Walgreens are moving employees from private insurance plans to health care exchanges.  The ObamaCare enforcers at the IRS will have us in their auditing and penalty-imposing crosshairs.  Just ask the Tea Party what that’s like. 




Rush Limbaugh suggested today that he believes the one issue that truly infuriates almost everyone in this country is the fact that the Democrat Congressmen and their staffs (those who wrote Obamacare) deliberately fixed it so that 75% of the cost of the healthcare insurance for them would be paid for by taxpayers.  Rush suggested that perhaps the House should write and pass a new CR that bans the healthcare “Christmas tree” for Congress/staffs, send the new CR over to the Senate, and force the Democrats to have to reject a CR that puts the onus on them.


It would not be a good 2014 election platform for Democrats to have to face the American people to try to explain why Congress/staff get subsidized while the majority of Americans do not.  Perhaps this CR would force Senators of both parties to join together, pass the CR, and defund Obamacare.




Remember also that illegals are not covered by Obamacare. In many parts of the country, emergency rooms are filled with illegals who expect the taxpayers to pay for all the illegals’ emergency room, high-dollar care.  Obamacare does not resolve the emergency room situation.


Also, Obamacare is almost totally dependent financially upon the young and healthy generation to sign up for the health exchanges to put money into the federal coffers to subsidize everyone else.  I cannot imagine how the Obamacare navigators will possibly be able to convince young people to take money out of their paychecks when they are already struggling to make ends meet.  Obviously, it will be cheaper to pay the fine.




A few additional points on the health exchanges that I believe are important for the public to know: Many of the people on the health exchanges have never had health insurance before. Even though some of these people will qualify for federal tax credits, they think since they will be paying premiums that their healthcare expenses will all be covered. Not so.

The four health exchange plans are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All four cover the same benefits and have the same out-of-pocket cap on expenses for a year – $6,350 for an individual, $12,700 for families. It is the amount of the monthly premiums among the four plans that varies.

What these “newbies” do not realize is that if they decide on the Bronze plan with the lowest premium, only 60% of the person’s medical costs on the average will be covered; and they will have to pay out of their pockets for the difference up to the annual out-of-pocket cap ($6,350 a year in out-of-pocket expenses for an individual, $12,700 for families).

The Platinum plan has the highest premiums, but it still covers only 90 % of the costs – still leaving 10% (up to the yearly cap) to be paid by the patient.

This will be a huge shock to the “newbies” who think that once they pay their monthly premiums, everything else will be covered.

It will be possible for a few of these “newbies” to get tax credits along with the out-of-pocket costs, but only people who choose at least a Silver plan will be able to apply for cost-sharing subsidies. Those who choose the lowest monthly premium plan (Bronze) will not be able to apply for cost-sharing subsidies.



9.29.13 — “Sen. Dems’ Fault If Gov. Shutdown: House Protecting Americans” – by Donna Garner —


9.28.13 — “Voters To Hold Senators Accountable for Cloture Vote” — by Donna Garner —


Donna Garner


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