British Politician Says: Ban Muslim Women From Wearing The Veil

Aug 8, 2016 by

Lisa Duffy says veil is “symbol of aggressive separatism” and Muslim women are not men’s “property”.

By Miles Goslett

One of the candidates vying to replace Nigel Farage as UKIP leader has called for women to be banned from wearing the Muslim veil in public buildings, shopping centres and on buses and trains in the UK.

In a speech delivered in London today, Lisa Duffy described the veil as “a symbol of aggressive separatism that can only foster extremism” and claimed that it is often “forced on women by men who view them as their property”.

She also demanded the closure of Islamic faith schools while Islamist terrorism remains a threat in the UK, as well as a “complete and comprehensive ban” on sharia courts in the UK.

She said her proposals are designed to encourage integration.

Her remarks come in the wake of a campaign launched by a group of men in Iran who have begun wearing headscarves and posting pictures of themselves on social media to protest against a law that makes it compulsory for women to wear a veil.


Under the hashtag #MenInHijab the me want to show solidarity with women who are forced to cover up in public under a law enforced by state police.

The #MenInHijab campaign has generated media coverage around the world.

In her speech, Duffy also argued that “Muslims who were born in this country … are as British as I am and I simply want them to feel as British as I do”.

She explained that she wants to “set out a path of opportunity” for young Muslim women who have been told by men what they should wear, what leisure activities they should pursue, and who they should marry.

While stopping short of a complete ban on the veil, Duffy said that, under her leadership, UKIP would advocate a “show your face in public” policy.

Men Are Wearing Hijabs To Fight For Women’s Rights In Iran 

Photo published for Men Are Wearing Hijabs To Fight For Women's Rights In Iran – The Real Strategy

Men Are Wearing Hijabs To Fight For Women’s Rights In Iran – The Real Strategy

Men in Iran are wearing Hijabs in Protest. Iranian men are protesting a compulsory law which forces women to

She said: “On our public transport networks, in public buildings, banks, stores and shopping precincts – all those places where teenagers are told to take their hoodies down and where motorcyclists are expected to remove their helmets – it is only reasonable to expect everyone to show their faces.”

She also said the rule should apply “just as much to the retinues accompanying Middle Eastern princes to London as it will to Muslim women living in Britain” and that it should not be regarded as Islamophobic for someone to politely request a woman to remove a veil in public.

Source: British Politician Says: Ban Muslim Women From Wearing The Veil | HeatStreet

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