British Schoolteachers Want Price-Controls For Vacation Packages

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British Officials consider price controls for vacation

Vacation prices are too high!

And as usual, British parents, politicians, and Teachers Unions think the problem is those greedy corporations.

So they have called on regulators to force vacation providers to lower their prices during school breaks.

They say it is unfair that vacation prices are higher during the summer while everyone is out of school. One sympathetic politician said, “It’s not right that children’s education is being used to exploit hard-working parents in this way.”

Of course, as a spokesman for the travel industry points out, this is simple supply and demand… a lot more people want to take their families on vacation while the kids are out of school.

They suggested staggering school breaks so that demand doesn’t spike so much at one time.

And it doesn’t help that parents can be fined up to £120 if their kids miss class for a vacation while school is in session.

Last year the Department of Education collected £10 million of fines for unexcused absences.

Who are the greedy ones?

Click here for the full story.

Source: British Schoolteachers Want Price-Controls For Vacation Packages | Zero Hedge

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