BTMS-50 Guide: Benefits, How To Use And Buy BTMS 50 Wholesale

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BTMS-50 is an ingredient used in many branded hair and skincare products worldwide. Also known as Behentrimonium Methosulfate, it is a conditioning emulsifier based on the natural vegetable. Many times, it is confused for being a chemical due to ‘sulfate’ included in its name. In reality, it’s a vegetable-based quaternary ammonium salt that comes from rapeseed. Sulfates are irritants for the skin, while BTMS-50 is a conditioning agent that works to provide moisture to the skin.

Those who are aware of the ingredient buy BTMS 50 wholesale to make different types of products. It becomes a gentle conditioning agent and can be used to make conditioners and moisturizers.

What Are The Benefits Of BTMS-50?

Derived from oil of rapeseed, the conditioning agent is a useful ingredient used by many famous brands to make skin and hair care products. Apart from that, it comes with many other benefits to help make various kinds of products easily.

  • Efficient conditioning compound: It’s a mild primary emulsifier that makes an active conditioning agent for various kinds of beauty products like creams, hair conditioning products, and lotions. Many brands use it to emulsify silicone in their skin and hair care products.
  • Natural Vegetable Based: A significant reason to buy BTMS 50 wholesale is that the ingredient is derived from vegetable oil. It comes from rapeseed oil and features many types of emulsifying properties to produce formulations for beauty products.
  • Non-greasy Conditioner: Although it is derived from vegetable oil, BTMS-50 makes an extremely useful vegetable-based emulsifier to make various kinds of conditioning products. From body lotions and hair care products, a little amount of BTMS-50 can do the magic for a product.
  • Elegant Cationic Emulsions: BTMS-50 is known for providing elegant cationic emulsions to beauty products. It is quite easy to handle and can be used to provide more effective conditioning properties to skin and hair care products.

How To Use BTMS-50?

As discussed earlier, BTMS-50 is based on natural vegetable and can be handled easily. There are many ways to use it for suitable results. How to use BTMS-50in the right way? Depending on a product’s formulations, the typical usage of the ingredient could range from 2 to 10% BTMS Pellets. It depends on what kind of product an individual is making and what are the expectations.

For example, if someone is making lotion, then the range of BTMS-50 in the product can be as low as 1% or as high as 15%. Similarly, the amount of BTMS-50 can vary depending on the product and its use.

How To Buy BTMS-50 Wholesale?

Although BTMS-50 is a useful natural vegetable-based cationic conditioner and emulsifier, it is necessary to purchase it from the right store for expected results. When buying BTMS-50 wholesale, consumers need to ensure that they are getting a mild primary emulsifier that comes with the properties of a cationic conditioner.

High-quality BTMS-50 from a reputed supplier becomes an effective cationic emulsion to prepare different types of skin and hair care products. Used in the right way, it can also be a valuable ingredient for leave-on conditioners. Consumers must ensure that the product they are buying is based only on vegetable and doesn’t include chemical ingredients that can ruin its effectiveness to make products for hair and skincare.

In The End

Keeping the point mentioned above in mind, consumers can get high-quality BTMS-50 to make various kinds of beauty products on their own. Used in the right way and the perfect amount, it becomes a valuable ingredient for skin and hair care products.

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