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“Must Build Curriculum Standards on Correct Foundation”


By Henry W. Burke





Here is the best-kept secret known by the insiders who write curriculum standards: If you want first-class, exemplary, knowledge-based, academic education standards in your state, build the state standards on the strong foundation of excellent Type #1 standards.




The opposite is certainly true.  If you want to dictate Type #2 curriculum and the liberal, leftist, subjective ideology to be taught throughout America’s classrooms, build the standards on a Type #2 foundation. 




Unfortunately, Indiana and Nebraska have chosen to build their curriculum standards (K-12) on the same Type #2 foundation as Common Core; and the public can expect the consequences to be the same if these Type #2 standards are allowed to prevail in America’s classrooms. 




For a comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 educational philosophies, please go to this link:




On 4.8.14, Henry W. Burke gave a presentation before the Nebraska Department of Education and State Board of Education.  In his presentation, Mr. Burke explained the two philosophies of education and the reasons why Type #1 must be chosen as the foundation for any state that wants to make sure students learn the valuable knowledge and skills that will spur them forward to success.




VIDEO — (less than 10 minutes long):





WRITTEN REPORT — “The NDE Is Building on the Wrong Foundation”




Henry W. Burke

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