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UT; Find More about What’s IN

Here’s the deal: Instagram has changed its algorithm again. Instead of displaying photos in chronological order, they now display posts according to those you previously interacted with. As a result, many influencers and businesses have started to struggle.

The new algorithm makes it harder to gain views, likes, and followers. Since both businesses and influencers use Instagram to generate revenue for themselves, this change comes with many losses.

Since nobody wants to face these losses, many brands and influencers are quick to resort to dirty shortcuts that fast-track the process of gaining Instagram engagement – by purchasing views.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Views

Buying views on Instagram is easier than ever before. There are hundreds of pages online who are willing to sell thousands of views – making it a very convenient option to choose for brands and influencers.

However, there is always a negative side to shortcuts like these. Before we delve into the highlights of these drawbacks, you should know that where our team is concerned, we always prefer to buy cheap Instagram like over Instagram views. A word to the wise: buy Instagram likes only from services that provide likes for the most cost-effective price.

The downsides of buying Instagram views:

1. Buying Views Worsens Your Engagement

The biggest reason why you may be purchasing Instagram views is for high engagement rates. Well, not to burst your bubble but purchasing views is unlikely to benefit your engagement on the social media platform. Views do not only determine Instagram engagement, but also followers, likes, comments, saves, and much more.

Due to this complicated engagement metric, purchasing only views for your page will not benefit your overall engagement in any way. Instead, when you stop paying third-party companies for fake views, your engagement is likely to drop suddenly due to the sudden fall in viewers.

2. Instagram Could Block You

If Instagram catches you buying fake views for your profile, they will likely send you a warning sign first. This will be followed by the complete removal of your account upon a repeated offense. Instagram has recently become extremely strict regarding fake accounts, likes, or views on their platform. If the number of your views is not consistent with your likes, comments, or followers – Instagram will be quick to begin investigating your profile.

If your account gets blocked, all of the money you invested in fake views also goes to waste. Additionally, you lose all the content that you worked hard for on your page.

What Should I Do?

Instead of buying fake views, there are many ways of increasing your Instagram engagement organically. This includes:

1. Posting Engaging Content

Being consistent with your posts and constantly engaging with your followers will allow you to create a positive persona on Instagram – and this begins with good quality content. It is easy to attract a high number of views when you know you post good content that most people would be interested in. Remember to post stories, use IGTV, Instagram Music, GIFs, polls, and all the other creative options that Instagram provides.

2. Use Marketing Tactics

Purchasing views is not the only way to market your profile. Instead, you can switch to paying social media marketing agencies to handle your Instagram since they are experts in this field. They will know the peak hours of when to post, create engaging stories, and make the best use of your page to help you attract a wider audience.

3. Just Be Yourself

If you want more Instagram views, you need to be yourself on your page. In a world full of fakes, audiences are eager to find real people on social media platforms who do not sugarcoat or fake their appearances.

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