CAIR coaxes TX library to ban book criticizing al-Qaida

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After putting on the pressure, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – which was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in funding Islamic terrorism in a lawsuit – persuaded a Texas library to remove a graphic novel that portrays super heroes fighting the al-Qaida Islamic terrorist group.

Somalia Islamic militantsCAIR’s Dallas-Fort Worth chapter (CAIR-DFW) commended the public library located in Plano, Texas, for eradicating the book from its selections, claiming that the book, Holy Terror, by renowned author, Frank Miller, contains bigoted and anti-Islam content.

“CAIR-DFW – the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization – today applauded a decision by the Plano Library to resolve an issue related to anti-Muslim material in its catalog,” CAIR-DFW announced in its press release.


Bowing to Islamic pressure

Jihad Watch called the library out for caving in to pressure from the Muslim activist group notorious for its ties to Islamic terrorism.

“[The Plano Library’s removal of the book is] a disturbing act of censorship and a flagrant violation of longstanding library standards,” Jihad Watch contended. “In fact, dozens of reviews of the comic book have been published – including by prominent newspapers and peer-reviewed journals.”

When Plano Library Director Libby Holtmann was questioned by Miller about his graphic novel’s removal, she resorted to evasive explanations, including citing library records indicating that Holy Terror generated little reader interest.

“[The library] did not remove the subject item from its collection from a request by anyone – including CAIRDFW – [but rather] was alerted by a comment sent through social media,” Holtmann claimed, according to Jihad Watch. “[Examination of Holy Terror revealed] that it did not have any professional reviews, [which is a] necessary component for maintaining an item.”

But the watchdog group was anything but satisfied with the library’s unsettling excuses for ripping the book of its shelves and raised a number “troubling questions” about its politically correct decision catering to the Islamic group.

“What was this social media comment that led to an immediate ‘evaluation’ of Holy Terror?” Jihad Watch’s Andrew Harrod questioned. “Why does Plano Library appear to be kowtowing to CAIR? Does the very controversy itself surrounding Holy Terror raised by groups such as CAIR not justify keeping a copy for the sake of healthy public debate?”

Playing the hate card?

For nearly a decade, CAIR has used its pro-Islam activism to protest the book that portrays champions of good and justice fighting against Islamic terrorists set on killing Americans in the name of jihad – claiming it promotes hatred toward Islam.

“CAIR’s opposition to Holy Terror – a story of comic superheroes battling al-Qaida in New York City – goes back to when it first appeared in 2011,” Harrod recounted. “CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad had condemned Holy Terror as a ‘shameful’ example of how ‘Islamophobia is becoming mainstream.’”

In September, Wired’s ultra-left journalist, Spencer Ackerman, wrote a scathing commentary on the graphic novel.

“[Holy Terror is] one of the most appalling, offensive and vindictive comics of all time [and] a screed against Islam,” Ackerman wrote in Wired.

CAIR-DFW claims that Muslim community members in Plano sent it photos of Miller’s graphic novel via Facebook to get the local library to ban the book.

Subsequently, CAIR-DFW Executive Director John Janney reportedly contacted the library to review the book and put it through the screening process, and a representative of the library allegedly agreed to remove it from circulation.

“The targeting of children with hate propaganda is inappropriate in a publicly funded facility,” Janney contended in the CAIR-DFW press release. “The good people at Plano Library quickly resolved this issue, and we are grateful.”

He went on to insist that his group supports free speech – including bigoted language – but claimed that Miller’s book is inappropriate because it constituted “imposing hate literature on a captive audience of children.”

However, it is was pointed out that in spite of CAIR claiming to champion Americans’ First Amendment rights, it has been involved in propagating terrorism through its funding to jihadist groups and via its deep roots in Islamic terrorism.

“CAIR describes itself as a Muslim civil-rights group, but the FBI determined in a terrorist-funding case in which top CAIR officials were named that it was founded as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group,” WND reported. “The FBI consequently cut off its outreach activities with the national organization.”

Furthermore, it was not just an isolated few within CAIR who have been actively engaged in jihad, and it is not just the U.S. that recognizes CAIR as a militant Islamic group.

“More than a dozen CAIR leaders have been charged or convicted of terrorism-related crimes,” WND added. “And the group also was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.”

False claims?

A questionable claim was also made by CAIR-DFW that Miller “expressed regret for the book” earlier this year, suggesting that the author would back decisions calling for censorship of Holy Terror, but it is reported that he said something completely different.

“[I do not] want to go back and start erasing books I did,” Miller expressed in an interview with the Guardian in April.

In fact, he was recorded earlier this decade stressing the fact that his book opposed just the notorious Islamic terrorist group, al-Qaida … as opposed to targeting the entire religion of Islam.

Holy Terror is a specific] screed against Al Qaeda – [not Islam],” Miller pointed out in a 2011  interview on YouTube. “The issue here is a method of killing – it’s not a religion. I can tell you squat about Islam, [but] I know a … lot about al-Qaida, and I want them all to burn in Hell.”

Pro-free speech? Really?

The Muslim group’s push to censor Miller’s book goes against its self-proclaimed tenets that supposedly uphold and fight for the free speech rights of Americas that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

“Ironically, CAIR-DFW’s announcement appeared during the annual Banned Books Week of the American Library Association (ALA) – the ‘oldest and largest library association in the world,’ founded in 1876,” Harrod pointed out. “During Banned Book Week, ALA promotes a ‘Stand for the Banned Read-Out’ for people to ‘declare your literary freedoms by reading from a banned book or discussing censorship issues on camera.’ Since the Week’s 1982 beginnings, ‘libraries and bookstores throughout the country have staged local read-outs, continuous readings of banned and challenged books.’”

ALA’s Library Bill of Rights speaks directly against what the Plano Library did at CAIR-DFW’s request.

“[The ALA Library Bill of Rights] affirms that all libraries… should challenge censorship [and provide] information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues,” the ALA Library Bill of Rights declares. “Toleration is meaningless without tolerance for what some may consider detestable.”

ALA specifically condemns the banishment of material merely because it goes against one’s political or ideological views.

“[P]artisan or doctrinal disapproval [should not restrict library material],” ALA impressed. “[ALA] opposes all attempts to restrict access to library services, materials and facilities based on the age of library users.”

Banning books for merely being offensive or politically incorrect has never been condoned by ALA.

“The ALA has thus throughout the years monitored ‘challenges to library, school and university materials’ in its ‘Top 10 Most Challenged Books’ lists,” Harrod explained. “Motives for book removal have included ‘racism, violence… anti-ethnic… occult/satanic… sexually explicit… offensive language… unsuited to age group.’ The ALA defends the right for libraries to offer even these ‘offensive’ books.”

The Plano Library is apparently without excuse if one ventures down one of its aisles containing books written by the most notorious anti-Semite of all time, Adolf Hitler – who unabashedly killed millions of Jewish people because of their ethnicity alone.

“Correspondingly, Plano libraries hold a wide variety of materials, such as Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and a DVD of the 1915 American white supremacist film Birth of a Nation,” Harrod added. “Plano’s holdings also include the anti-Israel screed The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. And while CAIR-DFW professes concern over Miller’s influence upon children, Plano Library continues to hold over 20 other Miller titles.”

With the Plano Library’s latest move to appease Islamists, it appears that it is headed down the road of continually giving special privileges to Islam – to the exclusion of other religions and people groups.

“CAIR-DFW’s claimed censorship success raises troubling questions over what might be next on the Islamist book banning index,” Harrod argued. “The seriousness of issues involving Islam in the modern world should demand more speech about Islam – not less – but CAIR and its allies have argued precisely the opposite. Journalist Spencer Ackerman, in particular, played a central role in the 2011 federal government purge of government training materials covering vital Islamist doctrines such as jihad – something he dismissed as irrelevant following the military debilitation of al-Qaida.”

And CAIR’s hypocrisy in its push to ban books going against Islamic terrorism – while claiming that it fights for Americans’ free speech rights – extends far outside the borders of the Lone Star State.

“CAIR certainly seems to show little respect for constitutional free speech rights, as CAIR’s attempted suppression of critical inquiry into Islam has extended well beyond Plano,” Harrod noted. “In 2014, for example, CAIR chapters tried to stop anti-Islamist events in a Chicago-area public library and a Knoxville, Tennessee, public high school.”

Source: CAIR coaxes TX library to ban book criticizing al-Qaida

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