Calif.’s hostile business climate to scare off Amazon?

Oct 19, 2017 by

Amazon Go grocery storeA California business group recommends that the Internet sales giant Amazon stay out of the Golden State.

Amazon is looking for a place to build a second headquarters, but in a full-page ad appearing in USA Today on Wednesday, the California Business and Industrial Alliance donned the message: “Dear Amazon, Our Weather Is Nice. Our Business Climate Is Not.”

One of the things that the Alliance takes exception to is the Private Attorneys General Act. Known in some circles as the “Sue Your Boss Law,” the Act allows workers to file a lawsuit against their employers for labor violations and collect a portion of the fines.

“It’s too bad – in a way – that our state’s business community has to go to these kind of extreme measures to point out how bad the state’s business climate has become,” lamented Steven Greenhut, a Californian serving as western region director of the R Street Institute. “They use that one particular bill, but they have a point. There’s very little effort here to fix the state’s business climate, and we have a wonderful, actual [physical] climate – and it’s a beautiful place and there’s a lot of entrepreneurial energy, but the state government often quashes it.”

If Amazon wants to start a new facility in California, Greenhut says Amazon will have to consider a few things.

“It’s just a little sad that we have to have business leaders pointing that out as a way to bring attention to their plight here,” the business expert added.

The deadline for cities or regional economic development organizations to apply for Amazon’s next headquarters site is Thursday.

Amazon plans to announce the location early next year.

Source: Calif.’s hostile business climate to scare off Amazon?

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