California, other states spending big to implement Common Core

Nov 10, 2013 by

OAKLAND, Calif. – Brace yourselves, taxpayers: America’s big-spending, small-results public education system is about to go into financial overdrive, thanks to Common Core.

The Common Core fad – which will create uniform K-12 learning standards in some 45 states – is proving costly to implement.

Pro-Common Core California, for example, is spending $1.25 billion to help schools pay for the new computers, textbooks, instructional materials and teacher training they’ll need to transition to the new standards and the accompanying assessments.

California’s Oakland Unified School District is receiving $6.9 million in Common Core-related state aid. The money will not only buy new materials, but it will pay for professional training so teachers know how to use those new materials, reports

Most Americans can expect to see similar spending sprees in their local school district.

Last year, analysts for the pro-Common Core Thomas B. Fordham Institute estimated that a “bare bones” approach to implementing Common Core throughout the 45 states would total $3.1 billion.

If states opt for a deluxe Common Core package, so to speak, those costs could swell to $12.1 billion.

Most states don’t have that kind of money in their savings account, so they’ll likely ask citizens to pony up more in taxes and school leaders to make cuts to student programs.

The worst part of all this is the fact the Common Core standards have never been field-tested anywhere in the nation. Nobody knows if this experiment is going to restore America’s educational system as a world leader, or if it’ll be a historic flop.

If Common Core is a smashing success, then one could argue this is money well-spent.

However, if the latter proves true, then all these billions in new Common Core spending will just be more money down the K-12 rathole.

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