California teacher touts anti-Common Core views in her race for state superintendent

Nov 2, 2013 by

SAN PEDRO, Calif. – A long-time public school teacher is so disturbed by the Common Core learning standard experiment that’s being foisted upon California schools that’s she’s decided to run for the state’ top education job to fight against it.

Earlier this week, Lydia Gutierrez used the announcement of her candidacy for state superintendent of public instruction to highlight the problems with Common Core, reports the San Fernando Valley Sun.

“The California educational system is in disarray. And Common Core mandates are not the answer,” Gutierrez said in a prepared statement. “School districts across the states will be forced to settle for mediocrity under the cover-up name of ‘College and Career Ready.’”

The veteran educator said the new math and English learning expectations have school leaders across the state scrambling to revamp their curriculum – and that’s denying parents and taxpayers any input into those crucial decisions.

“I believe any curriculum that is adopted by a school district or charter school should be reviewed by the public. This is a requirement I would like to see in every school’s bylaws,” Gutierrez wrote.

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