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Roughly two hundred people joined at Colorado Mesa University Saturday afternoon in Grand Junction, Colorado, to protest Gov. John Hickenlooper’s signing of gun control bills and demand a recall of the governor.

Hickenlooper spoke at the university amid signs reading, “Recall Hickenlooper” and “Keep Front Range Policy Out of the Western Slope.”

Protesters were steadfast in their opposition to Hickenlooper’s actions; one said, “If we don’t stop this now, in another five to ten years there will be no Second Amendment.” Another stated, “They are committing tyranny and that’s not a part of the American dream,” while a third asserted, “I don’t want to leave this world to my grandchildren under bondage and bondage is where we are heading.”

Hickenlooper responded to the protesters, saying, “There’s an awful lot of emotion. I just try to make sure people take the facts into consideration and maybe temper some of the emotions.”

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, signed legislation that requires background checks for private and online gun sales and banned ammunition magazines with more than 15 rounds. Not one Republican in the legislature voted for the legislation.

via Hundreds Protest Hickenlooper over Gun Control.

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