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Since 2005, EducationViews has recognized about 10 individuals who have made significant substantial contributions to the field of education.  We would like to acknowledge those who have contributed to the various realms of education- For example:

1) Leadership—Who has provided a stellar example of leadership in education?

2) Advocacy- Who has stood up for American teachers who attempt to educate our children?

3) Curriculum- Who has contributed to our understanding of the importance of curriculum and the implementation of curriculum?

4) Technology- Who has attempted to teach teachers to integrate technology into education?

5) Special Education- Who has assumed a leadership role in the realm of special education?

6) Gifted Education—Who has contributed to the field of gifted education, and advocated for those kids who are talented, creative and intellectually gifted?

7) English Language Learners- Who are the leaders and those who have assisted in this area of education?

8) Reading- possibly the most important area of education. Who has contributed, written, researched the most in the field and needs to be acknowledged?

9) Administration- Who are the leaders and individuals in the realms of educational leadership who have made the most significant contributions?

10) Other- any other fields can be acknowledged and recognized.

Please think about these issues and e-mail

Previous Upton Sinclair Award Winners:

2005: Gerald Bracey, Nicholas Colangelo, Elaine Garan, Martin Haberman, Jonathan Kozol, Peter and Pam Wright, Reid Lyon;

2006: John Stossel, Jan and Bob Davidson, Peyton Wolcott, Fred Baughman, M.D., Will Fitzhugh, Joel Turtel, Bernard Gassaway, Ned Davis, Her Highness Sheikah Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, “All the Children of the World”;

2007: Sean Hannity, Don Meyer, Ron Clark, Frank Wang, Harry and Rosemary Wong, Tracey McGrady, Dr. Eldo W. Bergman, Queen Rania of Jordan, Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin, Ph.D., G. Gbaanador, MD, FACS, FICS, Bill Cecil,  Here’s to the Upton School Principals of America;

2008: Harold V. House, Kathleen Chamberlain, Dee Alpert, Kevin Donnelly, Dona Matthews, Ph.D., Aisha Ussery, Collin Hannaford, Andrew Rotherham, Jim Zellmer., JoAnn Collins;

2009: E.D. Hirsch, Jay Mathews, John Goodlad, Billy Reagan, Geoffrey Canada, Fredrick Hess, Jay Hartling;

2010: Tom Watkins, Marlena Vaughn, Susan Ohanian, Dr. Marion Blank, Neal McCluskey, Ernest Boyer (Posthumously), Mr. Pierre Fignole, Chris Woodhead, Diane Ravitch, Ph.D.

2011: C. M. Rubin, Tavis Smiley, Joe Nathan, Ann Thompson, James Webb, Kiernan Egan, Professor Hani Q. Khoury

2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School of Newtown, CT , individuals, who gave their lives for their pupils and in the service of education individuals, who gave their lives for their pupils and in the service of education. First responders for their courage and on-going assistance in the little town where Sandy Hook Elementary School of Newtown, CT , took a worldwide human race to its knees. Bless Be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts.

2013: Donna Garner, William Korach, Alan Singer, Bror Saxberg, Rick Hess, Paul Horton, Antoinette Tuff, Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson

2014: Terry Grier, Paul E. Peterson, First Lady Barbara Bush, Yong Zhao, Christopher Arnold and Tracey Baker, Karen Nave, James Webb, Alice Linahan, Robert Nasson

2015: Dr. Kevin Donnelly, Robert Pondiscio, George Leef, Monty Neill, Bob Schaeffer, Lisa Guisbond, David Mirabella, Michael Petrilli, Peter Greene, Jennifer Waddell, PhD, Gus Jacob, Michael Harris, Lynn Wade, Nicholas D. Hartlep, Alan Hooker

2016: Ben Carson, Elie Wiesel, Jennifer Buckingham, Deborah Confredo, Dr Hani Q. Khoury, Professor Theodore Zeldin, Anna Ulrich, Stephen Colbert, The Unknown Teacher.

2017: Carol J. Carter, Mike Hess, Marion Brady, Joan Freeman, Scholastic Books, The International Literacy Association, The Ayn Rand Institute, The American Enterprise Institute, The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Lastly, we need to recognize those teachers and students who have lost their lives due to violence over the past few years.

2018: Delia Stafford, Monty McNeil, Wilfrey McClay, Bruce Urhmacher, Jane Robbins, Stan Lee (posthumously), James Webb (posthumously), Maurice Fisher (posthumously)

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