Cambridge University advertises for sexual assault adviser

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Cambridge University has placed an advert seeking to appoint a sexual assault and harassment adviser.

The new position will sit within the university’s counselling service and aims to “bolster the advice and support available to a student”.

The National Union of Students has said one in five students across the UK experience some sort of sexual harassment in their first week of term.

The university told the BBC it aimed to tackle all types of harassment.

According to the advert, the successful applicant will work with the police, the local sexual assault referral centre and Cambridge Rape Crisis.

It involves “individual work with students” and also “designing and running workshops for staff”.

A University of Cambridge spokesman said: “The university is continuously and actively working to improve the prevention, response, support and investigation of all instances of harassment, hate crime and sexual misconduct.

“This new post has been created to supplement and bolster advice and support available to students through the college tutorial system, and in particular offer a source of specialist support to students.”

Last year Oxford University started compulsory sexual consent workshops.

The sexual consent course also covers legal aspects of consent and general sex education.

Source: Cambridge University advertises for sexual assault adviser – BBC News

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