Cameras to be Installed in Special Needs Classrooms

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By Madeline Montgomery –

Students in self contained classrooms get special attention from teachers and soon they may get a special feature in classrooms.

Texas bill 507 states that parents, teachers, or board of trustees for the school district can request cameras in self contained special needs classrooms in order to study teaching techniques and as a way to give a voice to voiceless special needs students.

“And so we have not had any requests for that but it goes into affect the next school year of 16-17. Commisioner Williams still has to give a real definitive definition of what self contained classrooms are,” said Connie Mangin, AISD’s  director of special education.

The Texas Education Agency is still working on defining self contained classrooms to consider what changes need to be made. AISD views the addition to classrooms as a positive thing for both students and teachers.

“Cameras are not things that are not negative. They are things that are positive…we do a lot of observations in classrooms and give information to teachers on how to teach in a different way, we look at different strengths in students and we could use it in that way,” said Mangin.

This will be an unfunded mandate from the state so local funds will pay for any video cameras installed. This will be the first bill of its kind passed in the nation.

Source: Cameras to be Installed in Special Needs Classrooms – Story | Midwest Texas – Abilene, Sweetwater, Big Country | BigCountryHomepage | KTAB and KRBC

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    ronee groff

    OH! Another question. If it is to be unfunded does that mean whoever does the funding for the cameras is now liable for the possible lawsuits that can ensue? Unintended consequences considered? How about the installer or anyone who has handled the camera?

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    ronee groff

    Will every parent have to wave their rights, the children’s rights, to privacy? How does this fly in the face of Federal Mandates and State Mandates? Will this be explained to each of the parents and families of these children? Will this be the crack in the door of cameras in all classrooms of public schools in the country. How will the zero tolerance laws and policy and procedures of schools address this? This is a slippery slope that can be viewed from both sides of the good it is proposing to the abuse it could cause. These are children not widgets on a conveyor belt and if they are to be used for teachers to know how to teach the mild to severe myriad of disabilities that are currently identified will there be protections buildt in to how these videos are used? Will they be on u-tube as example and the children exposed to the world?

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