Campbell Brown responds to critics

Aug 13, 2014 by

By Campbell Brown –

This blog has devoted considerable space lately to covering me, and while I believe in the value of opinion writing, I also think some sense of fairness still matters. I have been falsely accused of perpetuating racism, blaming teachers, opposing due process and manipulating public opinion – and that was just in one blog post alone.

To go point by point on it all would miss the point, because the debate that really matters is not about me or my critics. It is about the best ways to improve education.

What readers should know is that the effort of which I am a part is designed to ensure that all public school children in New York have access to a quality teacher. Period. That is the motivation of the parents who have sued the state. It is why my organization supports them. It is the foundation for challenging a state that constitutionally promises a sound education for all and yet does not provide it.

via Campbell Brown responds to critics (including me) – The Washington Post.

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