Campus Anti-Fascist Network Releases List of Endorsements by Universities

Nov 18, 2017 by

But some have asked to be removed.

Campus Reform has a detailed report on the Campus Anti-Fascist Network (CAN) which is claiming to be “endorsed by at least five university departments and dozens of other organizations nationwide.”

The claimed endorsements include the likes of the History Department at Occidental College, the Duke Graduate Student Union, Claremont Graduate University Department of cultural Studies, “Latitudes” University of Pennsylvania, the Sociology Department at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and the English Department at the University of Hawaii among others.

But as Campus Reform’s report noted, some universities are asking to be removed:

The University of Hawaii’s English Department, however, was quietly removed from the list of organizational endorsers after Campus Reform reached out to every faculty member listed on the school’s website, and Trinity University says it has also asked CAN to remove its name from the list, asserting that the endorsement was included erroneously.

Campus Reform has spent the last two weeks waiting to hear back from “more than 100 faculty members” from those schools on the list but only heard back from one University of Hawaii professor who was “aware of the endorsement” and indicated support of the inclusion.

Trinity University is looking into why its sociology department made the list and is wondering if it was mistaken for the similarly named Trinity College instead.

“Notably, CAN was originally organized by two activist professors in August, who envisioned it to be a ‘big tent’ for ‘anyone committed to fighting fascism,’” the report adds.

One of those founders is Stanford University Professor David Palumbo-Liu who has no problem with the terrorist tactics used by antifa, which he calls “self-defense” from “fascists.”

The other groups that aren’t disassociating with the endorsement list (so far) include the Gay & Lesbian Employees of Middlebury College, NYU Graduate Student Organizing Committee, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, UC Davis Radical Sanctuary, and the Teaching Assistants’ Association.

Names of individual professors are also listed from various colleges and universities. See below:


Source: Campus Anti-Fascist Network Releases List of Endorsements by Universities

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