Canada opens up university sports to transgenders

Oct 24, 2018 by

A Canadian sports organization has announced it will allow transgender athletes to compete on teams that correspond to their gender identity.gender confusion 1

U Sports, the governing body of university athletics in Canada, says the policy is effective immediately for all 56 member institutions.

Steve McConkey of 4 WINDS Christian Athletics says trans athletes have an unfair advantage because U Sports is not mandating hormone treatments.

“Obviously the bone structure and the muscle structure, and with no testosterone test, they’re going to have a clear advantage,” he tells OneNewsNow.

OneNewsNow has reported how the demand for transgender “rights” has upended the sports world, most recently when a biological male won gold in the women’s world-championship cycling.


Rule-twisting allowances that allow transgenders to compete, including a biological male who dominated a Connecticut track meet earlier this year, have been met with some backlash despite predictable claims that they are bigots and “transphobic” for speaking out.

Jennifer Wagner, the third-place finisher in the cycling competition, used Twitter to complain it was “definitely NOT fair” that “Rachel” McKinnon was allowed to compete in the event.

McConkey predicts supporters of the pro-transgender policy will experience a backlash once the unfair advantage of transgender athletes becomes evident.

“However, there’s not a problem until they (trans athletes) start succeeding, and then you’ll have problems ahead,” he says. “And then they’ll realize they made a mistake.”

Source: Canada opens up university sports to transgenders

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