by Kathleen Marquardt

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. —Thomas Jefferson



In simple words, it is the means by which the Marxist goal of attaining world communism will be realized. The two key components that must be canceled are Western Culture and Christianity. Western Culture cannot be canceled without,first, the cancellation of Christianity, because Western Culture is based on Judeo-Christian religious traditions, thus why the attacks on churches and synagogues are legion. That is not to say religion will be canceled, but Christianity must be eradicated and replace by socialism’s one-world religion – a mishmash of the world’s other religions, always with an underlying basis of socialism and man will be god, or the state will. (Bear with me, I am giving the history first {short version}, so you can know your enemy.)

The Marxists drew their mystical theory from Des Cartes’ idea that he could erase his history at any time and replace it with a new one, over and over again. But the Marxist Cancel Culture isn’t out to destroy their messed-up culture and replace it with something better. Their goal is to replace the world’s greatest culture – the Great American Experiment – and replace this with their own corrupt, tyrannical one. The United States Constitution is the only one set up to protect the God-given inalienable rights of the individual. All other nations grant rights to their citizens, the rights their governments deem to be acceptable (and won’t aid the people to demand their sovereign rights).


Why do Western Culture and Christianity both have to be annihilated? Western Culture represents the reasoning, logical, fair and open minded aspects of our world.Out of Western Culture sprang the United States Constitution, the framework of the nation.And the Christian religious traditions, especially the Ten Commandments, are the underlying pillars of Western Culture. As Antonio Gramsci wrote in his prison notebooks, “Any country grounded in Judaeo-Christian values can’t be overthrown until those roots are cut … Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity … in the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” That, to me, seems a very up-front answer.

In The Old Culture And The New Culture, Georg Lukacs explains the problem with capitalism and why it must be defeated: “Every old culture was the culture of the ruling classes; only they were in a position to place all their valuable abilities in the service of culture, independently of concern for subsistence.” But capitalism came along and “revolutionized the whole social order…capitalism drove the ruling class itself into the service of production.” Now, the ruling class is just like the rest of us, “forced to devote its energies to the struggle for profit. Civilization creates the rule of man over nature but in the process man himself falls under the rule of the very means that enabled him to dominate nature.Capitalism is the zenith of this domination; within it there is no class which, by virtue of its position in production, is called upon to create culture.” This is unacceptable to communism. We must have what Marxists call a truly equal society; that “communism aims at creating a social order in which everyone is able to live in a way that in precapitalist eras was possible only for the ruing classes and which in capitalism is possible for no class.” Capitalism must be destroyed to bring about this totally communist society, which creates a social order in which everyone is able to create culture. “It is at that point that the history of mankind will actually begin.” Everything before it will be erased. This new epoch, “the rule of civilization will then be known as the second ‘prehistoric’ period.”

Of course, when you think about that, you wonder, if everyone is ‘creating culture, who’s watching the store? In fact, are there stores? How do they get made out of culture? But what is not said, it that this new socialism is the same old socialism that leads to communism. And, in spite of how they word it, it goes back to masters and slaves (with you-know-who being the masters).

Yet our attention should not be diverted from the essence by superficial appearances, for when it comes to culture only the best forces of the ruling class are considered. Lukacs

Ah, so they will tell us one thing and do the opposite. This is a key paragraph from Lukacs:

The roots of the crisis of capitalist culture reach still deeper than this. The foundation of its perpetual crisis and internal collapse is the fact that ideology on the one hand and the production and social order on the other enter into irreconcilable contradiction. As a necessary result of capitalism’s anarchy of production, the bourgeois class, when struggling for power and when first in power, could have but one ideology: that of individual freedom. The crisis of capitalist culture must appear the moment this ideology is in contradiction with the bourgeois social order. As long as the advancing bourgeois class — in the 18th century, for example — directed this ideology against the constraints of feudal estate society, it was an adequate expression of the given state of class struggle. Thus, the bourgeoisie in this period was actually able to have a genuine culture. But as the bourgeoisie came to power (beginning with the French Revolution) it could no longer seriously carry through its own ideology; it could not apply the idea of individual freedom to the whole society without the self-negation of the social order that brought this ideology into being in the first place. Briefly: it was impossible for the bourgeois class to apply its own idea of freedom to the proletariat. The insurpassable dualism of this situation is the following: the bourgeoisie must either deny this ideology or must employ it as a veil covering those actions which contradict it. In the first case the result would be a total ideal-lessness, a moral chaos, since by virtue of its position in the production system the bourgeoisie is not capable of producing an ideology other than that of individual freedom. In the second case, the bourgeoisie faces the moral crisis of an internal lie: it is forced to act against its own ideology.

Our capitalist, individual freedom society must be canceled in order to bring back the old order, but it will be called the Second Prehistoric Period, and everyone, especially the proletariat, are to celebrate in the street. The bourgeois will be back to ‘creating culture’ and ruling over the proletariat, and the proletariat will be washing the feet of the bourgeoise and thanking them for saving the world from individual freedom.

In America and its underpinnings of the Constitution– the rights of the individual are paramount. Everything is built on that premise. And those are built on the Ten Commandments. The key reasons that America and Christianity must be canceled: the Marxists cannot take over the world as long as these two exist. Marxist hate morality and freedom. I cannot understand their thinking, even though I have tried often. But I can see how evil it is. From reading their work, I know that they understand that freedom will always rise to the surface. It is man’s nature to want to be free. Either, they are hoping that doing away with America and Christianity, it will take another century to bring freedom out of hiding, or they plan to destroy the innate nature of man with AI (something for someone else to explore).


The seed of Cancel Culture was planted by French Philosopher,Rene’ Descartes, who believed that all his beliefs should be erased and he would rethink everything rationally; that knowledge comes from logic and a certain kind of intuition—when we immediately know something to be true without deduction, such as “I think, therefore, I am”. Using this as a basis, Jean Jacques Rosseau, Hebert Marcuse, Georg Lukacs, and many more began philosophizing on and began to carry out the cancellation of all previous culture and rewrite a new, communist one. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, Antonia Gramsci, Martin Heidigger, and many more worked to build an incredible structure to imbed this into every aspect of our lives. They were followed by Dewey, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Rhodes, the Royals, Rothschilds, Gates, Maurice Strong, Soros, Bushes, Obama, Gore, and so many more have or are working to end the right to property and individual freedom, to redistribute the wealth, and to reduce the population.


The answer isn’t short to explain, mainly because of the deceitful machinations that have been going on since the formation of the United States, and are going on still. But they are reaching a culmination. The big questions are: can we stop them, and will we?

The crowd of Marcuse Lukacs, Marx, and others were fascinated by Hegel’s Dialectic. The only problem with it was that it was, and I am borrowing from Coughlin and Higgins in Re-remembering the Mis-remembered Left,

Because Hegel built his “religion” on his speculative ‘system of science,’ challenging it means defying science – think scientism. Hegel believed that empirically based research based on the scientific method, the modern definition of science, rests at the lowest level of science representing a base form of theory he labeled Understanding. p.18.

In other words, voodoo, or as Schopenhauer so aptly put it, “Now if for this purpose I were to say that theso-called philosophy of this fellow Hegel is a colossal piece of mystification which

will yet provide posterity with an inexhaustible theme for laughterat our times, that it is a pseudo-philosophy paralyzing all mental powers, stifling all real thinking, and, by the most outrageous misuse of language, putting in its place the hollowest, most senseless, thoughtless, and, as is confirmed by its success, most stupefying verbiage, I should be quite right.” (On the Basis of Morality)

Keep this in mind as we go along.

Hegel’s dialectic is an economic system. But Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs determined that, since the Hegelian Dialectic was mysticism anyway (not a real system of economics), they would make it a tool to change culture. The working-class people were so strongly rooted in Christianity and Western Culture, that the Marxists hadn’t been able to convince them of the superiority of communism. So, instead of convincing them of the superiority of communism, they would do the Hegelian Dialectic dance, starting with one issue, and continue cycling through the steps on as many issues as needed to reach the ultimate synthesis, developed communism – the all-powerful state.