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Candidates for Oregon board want to purge Planned Parenthood from school curriculum

May 15, 2013 by

By Kyle Olson –

SALEM, Ore. – Most school board races are relatively quiet affairs devoid of major issues.

But in Oregon’s Salem-Keizer district, Planned Parenthood has become a central theme in the upcoming school board election.

The recent murder case – and subsequent triple conviction – of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia has put a spotlight back onto Planned Parenthood, a group that receives millions of taxpayer dollars and provides abortions for clients.

From the Statesman Journal:

What started as a sleepy Salem-Keizer School Board race with few challengers has ramped up to contested seats in every zone.

Salem grandmother Gayle Strawn challenged incumbent Rick Kimball for Zone 5 in order to oust the teen health program led in part by Planned Parenthood.

Since then, two additional candidates launched write-in campaigns against current board members in part to ax the program. Oregon Right to Life Political Action Committee endorsed the three challengers in a flier against Planned Parenthood that reads “your vote for school board can send them packing.”

The health program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is taught by a school district teacher with help from a Planned Parenthood facilitator.

Strawn said the Planned Parenthood program isn’t the only issue, but it’s the most important one.

“If we aren’t living a moral life,” she said, “not much else matters.”

Strawn wrote in a statement, “Neither Superintendent Sandy Husk nor the school board members have been clear exactly who promoted this program within the Salem-Keizer School District. However the superintendent and board have declared that Planned Parenthood will continue to teach our children as long as its grant from the federal government lasts.

“Planned Parenthood reports, in their 2011-2012 annual report, providing 333,964 abortion procedures nationwide. The Planned Parenthood website is also of great concern to me; as it promotes promiscuous behaviors that hurt teens’ ability to form healthy lifelong relationships.”

Will Salem-Keizer taxpayers continue to give Planned Parenthood access to schools? Voters will decide May 21st and we’ll keep you updated on this interesting story.

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