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When we learned that the National PTA was going to have its convention right here in Austin, Texas to promote Common Core, we decided to hold a COUNTER EVENT.


Ours is called #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference, and it will be held in Austin on June 20 – 21, 2014 in the downtown area close to the convention center. Please see a list of nearby hotels posted at the bottom of this article.


Women on the Wall has set up a website that gives the details of the #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference.  You can purchase tickets online for the Conference by going to the following website and looking for the button that says, “Click to purchase an Early Bird Ticket.”


For information and to make reservations:



To give a donation:  https://secure.piryx.com/donate/zS27Wsi7/WomenOnTheWall-Org/


The Heritage Foundation is one of our #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference sponsors.


We have lined up many of the nation’s best and loudest anti-Common Core voices to speak at our #CANiSEE ™©

Solutions Conference, and we are going to hold it at the same time as the National PTA is bringing #FedLedEd Sect. of Education Arne Duncan to town.


Arne Duncan does not own our children; we do; and we are not ready to surrender their hearts and souls to the dumbing down and indoctrination of #FedLedEd.


We believe that with the ever-growing backlash all across the country against Common Core that our COUNTER EVENT will draw more interest from grassroots moms, pops, grandparents, and citizens than Arne Duncan can generate. 


Even people attending the PTA convention across the street may come to our event to find out what is really happening in our nation’s schools.


Please take a look at the outstanding #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference speakers who will be presenting:




Dr. Sandra Stotsky – Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas


Dr. James Milgram — Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Stanford University 


Jane Robbins – Attorney and senior fellow with American Principles Project


Dr. Peg Luksik – Founded on Truth





Alice Linahan – Moderator, Women on the Wall


MerryLynn Gerstenschlager – Texas Eagle Forum


Mary Bowen – Current Texas classroom teacher


Jeanine MacGregor – Writer, researcher, cognitive learning expert


Nakonia (Niki) Hayes – “The Story of John Saxon” – Saxon Math


Henry W. Burke — EducationViews.org Contributor


Jenni White – ROPE – Oklahoma


Anita Moncrief – True the Vote


Lisa Benson — National Security Radio


Karen Schroeder – President of Advocates for Academic Freedom 





Dr. Terrence Moore — Author of “The Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core”


Dr. Chris Tienken – Co-author of “The School Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myth, and Lies”


Dr. Duke Pesta — Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and the Academic Director of FreedomProject Education



The good news is that our #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference will be highly attended, videotaped, and shared widely across this nation through DVD’s, MP3’s, On Demand, and Pay-Per View. 


Vendor booths, exhibits, products from guest speakers, and traditional/classical products from publishing companies (by invitation only) will be on display for purchase. 


As more people discover the stealth moves made by those who created, bought, and forced #FedLedEd Common Core upon this nation, a tsunami of opposition is growing.


The time is growing short, however.  Full implementation of the Common Core Standards Initiative and the national Common Core assessments are set for this coming school year in a large majority of states across this country.


Our #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference will live up to its name because we are going to offer solutions to stop ObamaCore’s tsunami.


What we need is for people from all across the country to attend our #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference and/or to help us pay for the expenses of such a huge undertaking.


We do not have the deep pockets provided by taxpayers’ dollars for those people and organizations that live off the “education golden goose.”  Many of the delegates to the National PTA Convention will have their way paid by using federal Title I funds. 


In contrast, it costs our group money out of our own pockets to pay for the traveling expenses of speakers, talented videographers and technology specialists, the rental of the convention hall, etc. 


We are just a group of common, everyday people who are taking an action step of faith to hold this COUNTER EVENT because we know we must stand up to the #FedLedEd bullies.


Please make your Early Bird reservations to attend the #CANiSEE ™©  Solutions Conference and/or to donate your nickels and dimes to help cover the cost of the conference.


If you wish to volunteer to help at the #CANiSEE ™© Solutions Conference,  please contact Rebecca Forest who can  arrange for your 2-day admission ticket to be paid:  Rebecca@womenonthewall.org



From: Women on the Wall…


#CanISee™© WHAT you are teaching my child? 

#CANISEE™© HOW you are teaching my child?

#CANISEE™© WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum on which my child’s teacher is being evaluated? 


Courtyard & Residence Inn by Marriott Austin Downtown — 300 E. 4th Street, Austin, TX  78701 512-236-8008

Radisson Hotel – 111 Cesar Chavez @ Congress, Austin, TX  512-478-9611

La Quinta Inn Austin Capitol – 300 E. 11th, Austin, TX  512-476-1166

Driskill Hotel – 600 Brazos, Austin, TX  512-391-7039

Intercontinental Hotel – 701 Congress Ave., Austin, TX  512-457-8800

Hilton Austin Downtown Convention Ctr. – 500 E. 4th St., Austin, TX  512-482-8000

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Convention Ctr. – 500 N. IH35, Austin, TX  512-480-8181

Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Austin – 200 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 512-472-1500

Omni Hotel – 700 San Jacinto, Austin, TX  512-391-7039

Hyatt Place – 211 E. 3rd St., Austin, TX  512-476-4440

Four Seasons – 98 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701  512-478-4500





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