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Welcome to the exciting word of dabbing.

Cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular and the variety is expanding as well. First thing’s first, let us explain what it is. A marijuana concentrate is a substance containing high levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient), much more that you would get in the cannabis flower, sometimes going up to 99% potency. The average THC concentration in flower is about 20%. There are numerous extraction and consumption methods for concentrates and this is what we will look into today. It is crucial to pick a trusted retailer that hand picks its suppliers, like Silver Stem Fine Cannabis.

CONSUMPTIONThere are 3 major ways to intake concentrated cannabis – smoke it by itself (not suitable for all types), topping off your flower (basically putting it on top and consuming it) and dabbing – the most common way, which involves vaporizing the concentrate and inhaling it. This can be done with a simple dab nail or by using a sophisticated e-nail.

NON-SOLVENT EXTRACTSNon-solvent extracts are made mechanically without any solvents, usually by sieving or pressure.

KiefKief is the simplest form of concentrate that does not require complicated extraction processes and so on. Using a sieve we collect the finest parts of the plant, i.e. trichomes and resin glands that have high THC content, and smoke the product by itself, dabbing it, or topping off the bowl with flower. This method can be used at home (if you have plenty of flower) or you can simply by kief at the store.

HashHash is basically a refined kief made through the use of bags with filters of various microns getting an even higher percentage of THC.

RosinThis concentrate is made through the use of heat and pressure and is often employed to turn kief or hash into something an more concentrated form. If done the right way it is similar to BHO solvent extraction but it is an all natural form of concentrate.

SOLVENT BASED EXTRACTSSolvent extraction involves the use of CO2, Propane, butane or alcohol to blast the plant matter and extract the precious cargo. The resulting matter is then filtered to get rid of the solvent and the types of concentrates are differentiated based on the solvent and the final form of the product.

WaxProbably the best known concentrate out there. Hand made from the extracted slurry makes for an exquisite final product. Its wax consistency gave it its name but do not be fooled – its dabbing is rather enjoyable.

ShatterShatter is made through solvent extraction and oven purging to get rid of the solvent. In its warm state it is similar to honey but when it cools, it becomes similar to glass and “shatters”, hence the name. One of the most popular and concentrates due to convenience of use.

CO2 OilIt is one of the safest methods of extracting cannabis oil that is subsequently used in vapes, edibles, and so on.

CaviarIt is basically an enhanced and most natural way to consume cannabis with hash oil being spread over flower and covered in kief.

Live ResinThe big difference from other extraction processes is that live resin’s source material undergoes deep freezing which keeps all the terpenes and trichomes wholesome.


There are many more ways to create concentrates and if you are a connoisseur you might want to give each one a try. Here we covered the basic and most popular concentrate types, which should give you a good start if you decide to delve into this exciting world. We hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

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