Caravan Coming to Steal U.S. Sovereignty: Seal the Border, Mr. President

Oct 24, 2018 by

By Judi McLeod –

Caravan Coming to Steal U.S. Sovereignty: Seal the Border, Mr. President
How do you say “YAHOO!” in Spanish? “YuJu!”

In English, people might say “Yahoo! Santa is coming tonight.”

“¡Yuju! ¡Papá Noel viene esta noche! says the same thing en Español.

In a video showing mostly military age men on their way to storm America’s southern border, well organized activists in the ‘March-of-the-made-to-order-Migrant Caravan’—speeding truckloads of them— seem to be yelling out: “Yuju!”

Promises of what their invasion of America through its southern border will do for both countries is what’s making them so “Yuju! joyous.  When they force their way through the border, that pig called “capitalism” will be a reeking corpse for once and for all; the promise of Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America made true.

“Viva!” a world going Socialist!

Notice in the video how even travelling down highways in trucks at breakneck speed, some yob is still holding up the Honduran flag at the back of the speeding truck?

While the Honduran flag flies proudly from a truck bringing invaders in to storm the U.S. border, caravan protesters painted a swastika on an American flag before burning it on the street in front of the American embassy, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras,  on Friday.

But it is the Honduran flag flying from the back of a truck; that the passengers in the trucks are primarily male from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras with Bangladeshis, ISIS and former deportees making comebacks after U.S. deportation thrown into the mix,  that tell the true tale of what this Central America Caravan is really all about.

This is not a desperate migration of poor people looking for a better life for their children in the USA. It is a desperate attempt by Democrats driven into exile in the 2016 presidential election to make President Donald Trump look like a monster willing to separate children from their parents at the border,  in time for Midterm Elections.

The speeding, flag-decked truck that can be seen in the video is a symbol of a False Flag operation, organized by Deep State members of the about to be forsaken Democrats.

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