Does anyone care if academics go on strike?

Aug 28, 2014 by

We ask university lecturers and others in the higher education sector who cares if academics stop work

University unions will hold talks with employers Wednesday about a second one-day strike planned for 3 December. When teachers go on strike, thousands of parents are inconvenienced. But when academics stop work, who notices?

Roger Siefert, professor of human resource management and industrial relations, Wolverhampton Business School

Obviously the academics care because they lose a day’s pay and proportional bit of their pension. For them it’s a big deal. Students get concerned and it’s a curiosity for most of the overseas students.

The government cares because it’s part of a series of strikes by education unions, and that gives an impression of ministers being out of touch. It also cares because it is part of a wider series of public sector strikes. Our days strikes are saying, “Look, we are hard-working public sector workers who are being harmed. We believe that by harming us you are reducing public sector service.”

We are drawing attention to a serious problem and the government is arrogantly ignoring us.

Shelly Asquith, president, University of the Arts Students’ Union

Students certainly care. These are lecturers who give an enormous amount to students, work long hours and deliver our education – and we care when they are overworked and underpaid. The funding that comes from our fees isn’t being distributed fairly. Vice-chancellors’ pay seems to be going up handsomely but the staff delivering our programmes are having their pay cut.

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