Careers in the Gambling Industry Worth Looking At

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There is more to gambling than what meets the eye. The main attraction to gambling is the goal of winning money, but what people seldom realise is that one can also make money through casinos without risking money or participating in online gambling. There are many opportunities in this industry and simply just putting in some time to search for employment in this industry could be largely beneficial to you. The gambling industry in the UK alone employs a 106 678 people which proves that there are a lot of opportunities for people who are determined to find employment. Online gambling makes up 33% of all gambling taking place in Britain. There are different types of employment in the gambling industry such as:

Game Developer:

Game developers play a huge role in the online gambling industry. Without them there wouldn’t be any games, nor would there be any online casino sites. There are different roles as a game developer such as an editor, producer, programmer, quality assurance technician and artist which again shows there are many opportunities in the gambling industry.

Security Specialist:

They secure information and monitor gambling sites for any security threats that any online casino might face. They also implement security values and install numerous security systems. They also have to consistently be up to date with the software and operations taking place in order to apply the appropriate method to resolve a problem.

Bookmaker / Odds Trader:

A bookmaker is someone who creates intriguing odds for individuals who indulge in gambling. Their role is to create ways for a casino to make profits through different forms of gambling.

Live Dealer:

Live dealers perform the duties of casino dealers, but they perform their duties via webcam. They have to know how to run a specific game just as they would in a live casino and be able to maintain a relationship with the players via webcam. Anyone interested in this should go to online casino giant to experience some of the best live dealer action in the business.


Coders have the role of modifying, testing and applying codes that enable applications to function. They apply codes that meet the needs of their end-users which plays a huge part in the function of online casinos as well as how much they benefit financially.

Customer Service Representative:

Customer service representatives are responsible for answering telephone calls, emails, live chat messages from casino, sportsbook and poker room customers. They also deal with monetary transactions and perform sales or marketing interactions with people.

Online casino operators especially, require these types of employees as listed above and many more in order to function smoothly and productively. If one plays their cards right they can earn a decent salary every month with most occupations in the online casino world earning a respectable salary. If you’re someone who enjoys being wherever there’s action then the online gambling industry is definitely one for you with there constantly being different forms of action such as big bets and jackpots. The Gambling industry is clearly one with a lot of room to grow and to make a successful life for one’s self.

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