Careers That Can Withstand a Pandemic

Jul 20, 2020 by

Unlike most things COVID-related, parts of the job market have actually seen some positive impacts with growth in opportunities, such as food delivery services and manufacturers. Many other companies have also been pleasantly surprised to see their work forces being able to continue producing after the disease forced office to close and caused employers to count on their team members’ abilities to work unsupervised from home. Here are some careers that have been able to withstand the pandemic, and a couple are certainly surprises.


This one certainly comes as no surprise, but heroism comes in many forms, and none more noticeable than that of healthcare workers in this time of crisis. Not only have doctors and nurses risked their own health to provide care to others, but they have also done it while proving that protective equipment does, indeed, work! Working in the only place where infected people are encouraged to go during this pandemic, statistics show that in many areas of the country the percentage of healthcare workers infected is lower than that of the surrounding general public. Keep washing those hands!


Freelancing is a very broad term, but whether a given freelancer was already employed before the pandemic, or was left jobless and decided to blaze his or her own trail, the freelance market, as a whole, seems to be, at very least, surviving. In a poll conducted by freelance hub UpWork, 73% of managers stated that their hiring of freelancers has stayed the same or increased during the pandemic, with the reason for most of the “increased” responses being a way to complete small amounts work after having to lay off employees.


This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise on the surface, but the expected growth post-COVID may be of interest. Online commerce has been steadily on the rise for many years, but the coronavirus lockdowns turned ecommerce from an option to a necessity, and as many companies don’t plan on backtracking their services after the pandemic, this means a need for continued cybersecurity professionals to protect financial and personal information being shared online.

In addition to growth in cybersecurity, many companies who are putting more of an investment in eCommerce to prepare for the future will also need personnel to fill new positions, making the eCommerce world, as a whole, a good one to look into if you’re feeling skeptical about another pandemic, or simply want to try a new career with a lot of demand.

Food Delivery

This is another broad term, but pretty much all angles of the food delivery business have been able to survive (and then some) during the COVID pandemic. For most of us, when we think “food delivery,” we think pizza or, more recently, something delivered from a local restaurant via Postmates or Uber Eats. While those certainly qualify and have become necessity over option just like eCommerce, the food delivery service has seen evolution in other areas as well. Many grocery stores that didn’t previously offer delivery services now do, and most are planning to continue to do so. Another growing industry is that of prepared meal kits, with large corporations like Freshly and local companies offering similar products both experiencing growth with a lot of positive feedback causing most to believe the convenience will keep customers long after stay-at-home orders have been lifted.

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