Carmel student’s suicide raises questions over school discipline

Jul 12, 2018 by

One year and eight months later, Chris and Marilyn McCalley are still haunted by the final hours of their 17-year-old son’s life.

They know that Patrick, then a junior at Carmel High School, left for school Oct. 6, 2016, excited about an email from the Air Force, an option he was considering after graduation.

They know sometime around noon he was called to the assistant principal’s office and told he’d be suspended over a “racially insensitive” Snapchat he sent a few friends that trivialized lynching. He signed an affidavit the school gave him, apologizing and calling it a “stupid and ignorant joke.”

They know that before 3:36 p.m., about half an hour after being escorted out of the building, Patrick decided to kill himself. He was declared dead by suicide in the hospital at 5:07 p.m. that day.

Source: Carmel student’s suicide raises questions over school discipline

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