The case against Common Core

Jul 21, 2015 by


I’ve reported before on the growing rebellion against collective standardized testing among parents, students and even teachers’ unions. But I’d never expected to see this May 3 headline from The Washington Post’s Answer Sheet blog:

“Why the movement to opt out of Common Core tests is a big deal.”

In the piece, education reporter Valerie Strauss cited an online post from Rockville Centre, New York, high school principal Carol Burris, who recently retired to become a full-time advocate for public education. She has been vocal about her opposition to the Common Core standards.

“New York opt-out,” Burris wrote, “is reverberating around the nation. The pushback against the Common Core exams caught fans of high-stakes testing off guard, with estimates of New York test refusals now exceeding 200,000.”

That news encourages me.

In a previous Answer Sheet post, Strauss cited a project funded by the nonprofit Survival Education Fund Inc. One of the objectives of this project, called Defending the Early Years, strives “to help teachers and parents understand why the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are inappropriate for kindergarten through third grade.”

Source: The case against Common Core

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