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Backpack carriers for our feline friends are quite new in the market as they were released just a few years back. Since then, bringing along our beloved felines has been easier. Having the right cat backpack carriers from Miauland allows adventurous feline lovers to bring their pet anywhere.

Why a cat backpack is good to have?

Most cats are naturally clingy to their respective owners. Oh, how they would love to join you in your hobbies and adventures than stay sleepily at home. With cat backpack carriers, you may comfortably and fashionably bring your cat along.

More so, since your pet will be on your back, its weight will be evenly distributed to your shoulders. Then, it also frees your hand, allowing you to carry more luggages instead.

Compared to other pet accessories such as crates, gates and containment, backpack carriers are more comfortable for your pet too. Backpacks move around less as you carry your pets and they are given a better view from your back. As such, they can see more of the surroundings than just knees and feet.

How do you pick a good backpack carrier for your pet?

To help you choose for a good cat backpack carrier, here are some features for you to consider:

  1. Type of backpack

There are two main types available on the market – bubble and carrier bags.

Bubble backpacks are distinguishable by the semi-sphere “bubble” made of high-quality polycarbonate designed on the upper front of the backpack. This transparent hard shell serves as the window so your pet can see its surroundings while you carry it.

Carrier bags, on the other hand, are made of premium quality oxford fabric. Instead of a “bubble” this type has mesh-covered windows for viewing and for ventilation. Also, they are usually designed for flexible handling – as a backpack or as regular carrier.

  1. Size

It’s vital that you also take a careful consideration on this aspect to ensure that your pet will be comfortable inside. Meaning, the backpack should have room for the feline to turn around and stand without crouching.

In close relation to this is the weight limitation. Usually, it is recommended for each backpack to carry only ten to 15-pound felines. So if your pet is quite muscular, you may want to weigh it first before buying a cat backpack.

  1. Materials

For your pet’s safety, you should be thorough in checking the materials used in the backpack. Make sure that the materials are durable and the stitching won’t easily loosen. In particular, you should inspect the shoulder straps and the bottom part of the backpack.

  1. Security

You should also always assume that your pet will try to escape for your bag and run off. Most backpacks are usually equipped with a tether designed to be attached to your pet’s harness or collar. In addition to this, make sure that there is not a single opening where your pet can squeeze through.

  1. Ergonomic support

A good backpack should also be designed to take some pressure off your cervical and lumbar spine. Some have a chest trap to distribute the pressure and stabilize the backpack.

  1. Proper ventilation

Lastly, since you’ll be placing a living animal inside the bag, you should check that the backpack provides proper ventilation. This is why most carrier have mesh openings.

Closing Words

Overall, having a cat backpack carrier is a win for both you and your pet. However, choosing and buying one should be done with careful consideration. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable for you and can even be risky for your pet.

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