Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood, and Ted Cruz

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“Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood, and Ted Cruz”

By Donna Garner



Cecile Richards (president of Planned Parenthood) has tried to wiggle out of the very disturbing, behind-the-scenes videos showing Planned Parenthood workers discussing the harvesting of fetal tissue to sell to the highest bidder.  To do this, Richards has charged that the videos were “deceptively edited” and “heavily doctored.” 


To find out whether Cecile Richards’ allegations against the Center for Medical Progress are true or not, Coalfire Systems was hired to conduct an independent computer forensics of the videos and audio content.  On 9.28.15 Coalfire released its report entitled “Digital Forensics Analysis Report” and publicly posted it at this site:   http://www.adfmedia.org/files/CoalfireCMPvideosReport.pdf


This Coalfire report proves that the video recordings are authentic and have not been manipulated or edited (except to leave out non-pertinent segments involving bathroom breaks, lag times, meals.)


On one of the videos, a Planned Parenthood doctor explains having seen a baby’s heart still beating after an abortion. A tissue-harvesting tech tells how she watched a baby’s heart beat right before she dissected the baby’s brain.


Cecile Richards makes $600,000 per year from Planned Parenthood.  PP spent $622,706 last year on first-class flights, charter travel, and high-priced entertainment costs. The corporate office in downtown NYC is worth $34.8 million.


Planned Parenthood receives $450 Million of our taxpayers’ federal dollars, has a revenue of $1.3 Billion a year, and a $100 Million endowment.


Planned Parenthood had $127 Million left over in its coffers last year.  What did they do with that money?  Open Secrets: Center for Responsive Politics (https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000000591) indicates in 2014, PP contributed almost $5,000,000 to support Democrats and/or against Republicans.  PP contributed less $13,500 to Republicans [undoubtedly RINO’s].


Cecile Richards through questioning on Monday was forced to admit that Planned Parenthood does not even offer mammograms, one of the most important healthcare needs a woman has.  


ObamaCare has defined 21 basic healthcare needs for women.  Community medical centers operated by certified healthcare specialists meet all 21.  Planned Parenthood only satisfies 6, and certified healthcare specialists are not performing those 6. 


Plain and simple: The only real reason Planned Parenthood even exists is to kill babies.       


Why should hard-working taxpayers give one red cent to Planned Parenthood?  PP is plenty able to support its own destructive agenda without our tax dollars to help them do it.




On 9.28.15 when the Senate voted on a CR (Continuing Resolution) that contained taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, Ted Cruz attempted to offer an amendment that would have stripped all federal funding from PP and would have cut off money to fund the Iran nuclear deal.


Four Republican “leaders” (McConnell, Cornyn, Cochran, Alexander) shouted down Cruz’s amendment from even getting a vote.  Sen. Mike Lee was the only one who stood with Cruz on the Senate floor. The final vote in the Senate was 77 – 19 to “kick the can” further on down the road until Dec. 11, 2015.  Meanwhile funding for both Planned Parenthood and the Iran deal will continue.  


Importantly both Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Lindsey Graham deliberately missed the vote.  We need to remember this the next time Rubio/Graham get up in public and cry their “crocodile tears” over Planned Parenthood’s killing of innocent babies and then selling their body parts for profit!



Donna Garner


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