CHART: The Average University Of Texas Football Player Is Worth $578,000

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It is no secret that big-time college football creates a lot of revenue for universities and only a small percentage of that goes to the players. The chart below shows us how much those players might be worth if they played in a free market system and players at the University of Texas top the list.

Fair Market Value1 was calculated for each of the 25 football programs that generated the most revenue in 2012. Using the NFL’s most recent collective bargaining agreement in which the players receive a minimum of 47% of all revenue, we then divided that value by the 85 scholarship players.

Using this method we can estimate that the average college football player at the University of Texas is worth $578,000 per year. Now consider that in 2010-11, Texas spent $3.2 million on scholarships for football players, just 3.2% of all revenue, or about $37,600 per scholarship player.

Here are 25 schools where football players have the greatest value…

College Football Fair Market Value

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1 Fair Market Value = (Football Revenue * 47%)/85

CHART: The Average University Of Texas Football Player Is Worth $578,000 – Business Insider.

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